Best Ways to Compost leaves


Four Easy Steps

The best way to compost leaves can easily be broken down into four easy to follow steps.

Step 1: Some varieties of leaves are better than others. But, among the best leaves are maple, birch, and ash. These leaves decompose pretty quickly and contain a bunch of nutrients.

Step 2: Chop down your leaves! Bigger leaves take forever to decompose. It's always a good idea to chop down your leaves before using them.

Step 3: Adding some nitrogen to your leaves really speeds up the process. Chicken, cow, and horse manure can be amazing for your leaves. They help break down your leaves much easily.

Step 4: Add some oxygen to your pile. Turn the pile around a couple of times per week to make sure all the soil is fully oxygenated.

Written by Eddie Schmidt
3 weeks ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Compost Leaves?

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