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image for topic 'Vent anger'
Best Ways to

Vent anger

Get some sweat on: Exercising is a great way to vent your anger and melt the tension. It empties the pent-up energy and keeps you in shape! A frustrating da...
image for topic 'End a relationship'
Best Ways to

End a relationship

CHOOSE YOUR TIME AND PLACE WISELY: Pick a time and place that allows you and the person you are about to leave some privacy from. Don't break up with someone just before th...
image for topic 'Whiten teeth safely'
Best Ways to

Whiten teeth safely

Hydrogen Peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide can be very effective for killing bacteria in your mouth that may be causing bad breath and staining. However, you must...
image for topic 'Crack your back'
Best Ways to

Crack your back

WITHOUT A CHIROPRACTIC: So I found out my own way of popping my back that works incredibly well and is also very fast. I sit on the floor (carpeted) Then I relax...
image for topic 'Express love'
Best Ways to

Express love

Say Thank you and Please: The simple acts of gratitude can help you show the loved ones, you admire and appreciate them. We often forget to show compassion to our ...
image for topic 'Reduce cholesterol'
Best Ways to

Reduce cholesterol

Add exercise into your routine: Exercise is a great way to improve cholesterol and keep your body moving. Including physical activity in your daily routine can help you ...
image for topic 'Unblock nose'
Best Ways to

Unblock nose

Saline spray: Saline is a saltwater solution that can provide moisture inside the nostrils. It helps reduce inflammation by thinning out the mucus that...
image for topic 'Expand your vocabulary'
Best Ways to

Expand your vocabulary

Remember to Practice: Vocabulary building apps and reading cannot help you if you don’t incorporate the words you learn in your conversations. Talk to yourself...
image for topic 'Do market research'
Best Ways to

Do market research

Take Your Competitors Seriously: Chalk out the names of all your competitors. Your competitors are the businesses that might steal your customers or vice versa. Do a SWOT...
image for topic 'Exercise your dog'
Best Ways to

Exercise your dog

Swim with your dog: A lot of dogs like retrievers are natural swimmers and love some swim time every once in a while. It’s also ideal for dogs who have mobil...

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