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Best Ways to

Get started with CQRS

Explore it via Serialized: To get a quick feel for event-sourcing and CQRS just try it out via a platform as a service - such as Just register an ac...
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Best Ways to

Run Windows on Mac

Boot Camp is your friend: Downloading and running windows on your Apple Macbook is easier than ever. Boot Camp is a utility that comes pre installed on your Macboo...
image for topic 'Smell good'
Best Ways to

Smell good

Do Proper Laundry: To smell good all day, you need to wear clean clothes every morning. Do your laundry every week and sundry your clothes. The clothes may ...
image for topic 'Get vitamin D'
Best Ways to

Get vitamin D

Vitamin D Rich Foods: Red meat, liver, egg yolks, mushrooms, and salmon are rich sources of vitamin D. Your daily food intake should provide you with 20mcg of ...
image for topic 'Naturally lower cholesterol'
Best Ways to

Naturally lower cholesterol

Exercise More Often: If your BMI is not healthy, you probably have fat under your skin that could be a reason for high cholesterol. But the good news is that ...
image for topic 'Quit alcohol'
Best Ways to

Quit alcohol

Practice self-care: There are a number of effective self-care strategies that you can learn online. The most popular self-care technique is meditation, but y...
image for topic 'Wake yourself up'
Best Ways to

Wake yourself up

Bask in the morning sun: Begin your day with some good old sunshine to set yourself up for an excellent day. Soak in the sun’s wholesome Vitamin D to take your en...
image for topic 'Transfer money'
Best Ways to

Transfer money

PayPal: PayPal has been around for a long, long time. It beats its competitors like Zelle right out of the gate, thanks to its choice of payment ...
image for topic 'Remove blackheads'
Best Ways to

Remove blackheads

Make a DIY Cinnamon Mask: Cinnamon is an anti-bacterial spice that has exfoliating effects on the skin. It is also great for blackheads removal. Mix 2 teaspoons of...
image for topic 'Debloat'
Best Ways to


Skip Carbs: If carbs are your primary food source, you should cut down on carbs. Meals made with rice, wheat and all-purpose flour are your worst ene...

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