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Take a supplement

If your body is in need of magnesium, consider taking a supplement. Just be sure not to overdo it, or you risk giving yourself diarrhea.

The National Academy of Medicine advises not taking more than 350mg of supplemental magnesium per day, so ensure you're not exceeding that amount. If you're already taking a multivitamin, make sure that the combined amount does not exceed 350mg.

As always with any major changes or decisions to your body, talk to your doctor first. Depending on the reasons for your wanting to take magnesium, see if you can get a blood test. It's possible that there could be something else wrong.

Four Easy Steps

The best way to compost leaves can easily be broken down into four easy to follow steps.

Step 1: Some varieties of leaves are better than others. But, among the best leaves are maple, birch, and ash. These leaves decompose pretty quickly and contain a bunch of nutrients.

Step 2: Chop down your leaves! Bigger leaves take forever to decompose. It's always a good idea to chop down your leaves before using them.

Step 3: Adding some nitrogen to your leaves really speeds up the process. Chicken, cow, and horse manure can be amazing for your leaves. They help break down your leaves much easily.

Step 4: Add some oxygen to your pile. Turn the pile around a couple of times per week to make sure all the soil is fully oxygenated.


Often two people want the conversation going but both of them end the convo in silence because of fear. Back in the day, I used to hesitate after speaking for 5 minutes. why? The fear used to take my ability to speak. I thought that the other person listening is getting bored and does not want to continue.

However, it was not the reality. One of my colleagues told me how elegantly I speak about the things I am passionate about and people at work love it! Instead of censoring yourself, speak whatever you are thinking about at that moment.

Put together a photo album

Photos are a great memento to pull out when you’re reminiscing about past moments. The best way to keep them organized and readily available to look at is by organizing them into a photo album. You can group your pictures by years or events to keep things tidy. Albums also help ensure that your pictures don’t get damaged or lost. It is an inexpensive way of making sure your family’s memories don’t get left behind.

Practice writing them

Learning multiplication facts can be very easy if you focus on memorizing them. Once you memorize them, answering multiplication facts becomes muscle memory. This will help you once you get into more complicated math later on. To start memorizing them, just begin by writing down each family of facts. Start with the x2 multiplication chart and go up from there. Write and rewrite them until you can remember them automatically.

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