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Granola and Yogurt

Yogurt has all the healthy bacteria your gut needs and the wholesomeness of granola can make your breakfast tasty and nutritious. When bored of eating granola with milk, you can use yogurt. If you like, you can add fresh blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries to enhance the flavor. 

Granola and Yogurt


Before you jump to pet the dog, observe the dog’s behavior. When you plan on petting a dog, you are neither trying to scare the dog nor make the dog aggressive. So, look at the dog’s body language. Do you think the dog is moving away or hiding from you? The dog is probably scared or uncomfortable. Let the dog have some times to get used to your presence. Similarly, a growling or barking dog or a dog showing signs of aggression is not welcoming you for physical affection. Only if the dog is approaching you with tongue hanging out or a happy face, then pet him. Otherwise, wait for a little while to understand the dog’s behavior. 


Rosemary is an organic flea repellant. It is great for using on your pets or treating mild infestations. To use rosemary as a flea repellant, you will need to create a powder.

Follow these steps for creating and using rosemary herbal flea powder to repel fleas:

· Collect the necessary ingredients: wormwood, fennel, rue, peppermint, and obviously – rosemary.

· Place these ingredients in pestle and mortar and start grinding.

· Sprinkle this powder throughout your house wherever you have noticed any flea activity (such as pet bedding, furniture, window sills, carpets, etc.)

Note that this method does not get rid of the fleas, but helps repel them and keep them away from your household.


Split by Income

If you're living with a really close friend or with a spouse and still want to split the rent, it's a great idea to split by income. It helps both of us get through things together without putting too much financial pressure on one individual. 

Oven-dry the tomatoes

Oven-dried tomatoes are generally not dry enough to last very long, but placing them in a jar and covering them with olive oil will certainly help them live longer when stored in the fridge. When you need them for your stews, salads, pasta, or roasts – just remove them from the fridge and start chopping.

Oven-drying the tomatoes is a straightforward process that requires just the tomatoes and sea salt. Slice all your tomatoes from the middle and remove the parts that are attached to the tomato’s stem. Sprinkle sea salt over the tomatoes, put them in the oven, and heat at 160F for 2-3 hours depending on the juiciness of the tomatoes.

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