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To Champlin from Shorewood Hills

Driving from Shorewood Hills to Champlin first of all make a stop at Horse Arena for some horse back riding! Then visit Little House Wayside.

Try it.

Shorewood Hills
WI 53792
Horse Arena
Rim of the City Road, La Crosse, WI 54601
Little House Wayside
County Road CC, Pepin, WI 54769
MN 55316
The best route to Champlin from Shorewood Hills

From Dakota City to Altoona

Ok!, Going from Dakota City to Altoona make sure to first visit McDonald's to have some snacks and something to drink! Secondly visit River Hills Mall for a leg stretcher and some shopping. Then look in on Pemberton Fitness Club, it is good! Finally hit Covered Bridge for a great experience.


Dakota City
North 2nd Street, Cherokee, IA 51012
River Hills Mall
Raintree Road, Mankato, MN 56001-6200
Pemberton Fitness Club
225 Main Street, Pemberton, MN 56078
Covered Bridge
GPST, Zumbrota, MN 55992
WI 54720
The best route to Altoona from Dakota City

From West Lake Hills to New Iberia with a stop for some shopping

While driving to New Iberia from West Lake Hills I suggest first stop by The Woodlands Mall for picking up a few things! Lastly visit Deerbrook Mall for shopping.

West Lake Hills
TX 78746
The Woodlands Mall
1201 Lake Woodlands Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77384-5317
Deerbrook Mall
20131 Eastex Freeway, Humble, TX 77338
Tesla Supercharger
Nelson Road, Lake Charles, LA 70605
New Iberia
The best route to New Iberia from West Lake Hills

A good way to Howe from Westhoff

Driving to Howe from Westhoff this is my preferred way: visit Best Western Franklin Town Center Hotel & Suites for some rest!

TX 77994
Best Western Franklin Town Center Hotel & Suites
Center Street, Franklin, TX 77856
Corsicana Supercharger
2035 Interstate 45 Frontage Road, Corsicana, TX 75109
OK 74940
The best route to Howe from Westhoff

Split by Income

If you're living with a really close friend or with a spouse and still want to split the rent, it's a great idea to split by income. It helps both of us get through things together without putting too much financial pressure on one individual. 

Oven-dry the tomatoes

Oven-dried tomatoes are generally not dry enough to last very long, but placing them in a jar and covering them with olive oil will certainly help them live longer when stored in the fridge. When you need them for your stews, salads, pasta, or roasts – just remove them from the fridge and start chopping.

Oven-drying the tomatoes is a straightforward process that requires just the tomatoes and sea salt. Slice all your tomatoes from the middle and remove the parts that are attached to the tomato’s stem. Sprinkle sea salt over the tomatoes, put them in the oven, and heat at 160F for 2-3 hours depending on the juiciness of the tomatoes.

A good route from Strathmoor Village to Sutersville

If going to Sutersville from Strathmoor Village first visit SOMC Life Center for some sweat! Next visit Kroger for great shopping. Then stop at St Michael Gym for training.

Better than going straight.

Strathmoor Village
Tesla Supercharger
Parkmead Drive, Grove City, OH 43123
SOMC Life Center
Scioto Street, Lucasville, OH 45648
Burr Oak Boulevard, Nelsonville, OH 45764
St Michael Gym
Lynwood Avenue, Wheeling, WV 26003
PA 15083
The best route to Sutersville from Strathmoor Village

The best trip from Mifflinville to Kingstown

Driving to Kingstown from Mifflinville look in on 1777 Americana Inn for a pause.

1777 Americana Inn
301 West Main Street, Ephrata, PA 17522
MD 21620
The best route to Kingstown from Mifflinville

These were my stops from Roseland to Blackstone

While driving to Blackstone from Roseland this is a nice way: stop by Cheshire Community Pool for a cool off in the pool!

NJ 07068
Cheshire Community Pool
Newbridge Circle, Cheshire, CT 06410
The best route to Blackstone from Roseland

From Nashua to Pelican Rapids

Ok!, Going from Nashua to Pelican Rapids make sure to first of all stop by Happy Panda for a little something to eat. Then visit Highest elevation in park. It is a great stop!

Tesla Supercharger
East Plaza Street, Albert Lea, MN 56007
Happy Panda
Denver Avenue Southwest, Hutchinson, MN 55350
Highest elevation in park
280th Avenue, Pope County, MN 56381
Pelican Rapids
The best route to Pelican Rapids from Nashua

A nice way to Merriam from Star City

Going to Merriam from Star City I suggest first of all hit Paddlewheel Pub for a great dinner. Next make a stop at Paint Games Plus for a nice experience!

Star City
AR 71667
Paddlewheel Pub
South Boardwalk, Branson, MO 65673
Paint Games Plus
North Fort Avenue, Springfield, MO 65802-4230
The best route to Merriam from Star City

A nice route from Haversham to Vernon

While driving to Vernon from Haversham I suggest you first hit McDonald's for a little something to eat! Then look in on Planet Fitness for great training.

15 South Main Street, Winsted, CT 06098
Planet Fitness
101 Tessiero, Town of Amsterdam, NY 12010-7565
NY 13476
The best route to Vernon from Haversham

The way to Sugar Hill

Last time I drove from Wilbraham to Sugar Hill this was the way.

MA 01095
Kimball's Ice Cream
Turnpike Road, Sharon, NH 03452
Lucky's Coffee Garage
Parkhurst Street, Lebanon, NH 03766-1355
Sugar Hill
NH 03586
The best route to Sugar Hill from Wilbraham


Before you jump to pet the dog, observe the dog’s behavior. When you plan on petting a dog, you are neither trying to scare the dog nor make the dog aggressive. So, look at the dog’s body language. Do you think the dog is moving away or hiding from you? The dog is probably scared or uncomfortable. Let the dog have some times to get used to your presence. Similarly, a growling or barking dog or a dog showing signs of aggression is not welcoming you for physical affection. Only if the dog is approaching you with tongue hanging out or a happy face, then pet him. Otherwise, wait for a little while to understand the dog’s behavior. 

My stops going to Worthington Hills

Going from Oxford to Worthington Hills make sure to first of all make a stop at Norris Recreation Center for a quick bath in in the pool. After that hit McDonald's for a nice meal!

Norris Recreation Center
1050 Dunham Road, St. Charles, IL 60174
Smith Avenue, Crawfordsville, IN
Worthington Hills
The best route to Worthington Hills from Oxford

A nice route to Ouzinkie from Talkeetna

While driving from Talkeetna to Ouzinkie first stop by Jersey Subs for a delicious meal. After that visit Kenai Landing, it is great! Third stop at Art Shop Gallery for picking up a few things. After that hit Rustic Boutique for getting yourself some small treats :-).

AK 99676
Jersey Subs
South Willow Street, Kenai, AK 99511
Kenai Landing
Kenai, AK 99511
Art Shop Gallery
West Pioneer Avenue, Homer, AK
Rustic Boutique
Homer Spit Road, Homer, AK
AK 99644
The best route to Ouzinkie from Talkeetna

A nicer route from Forest View to Bradys Bend Township

Going from Forest View to Bradys Bend Township make sure to first of all visit Elkhart Pool for a quick swim in in the pool. Finally stop by Subway for a something to eat!

Forest View
IL 60638
Elkhart Pool
Utility Drive, Auburn, IN 46706
Hyde Street, Wakeman, OH 44889
Bradys Bend Township
PA 16026
The best route to Bradys Bend Township from Forest View

These were my stops to Vero Lake Estates from Apalachicola

If going from Apalachicola to Vero Lake Estates first look in on Weeki Wachee Preserves Main Entrance, it is a nice stop! Next pay a visit to Homosassa Riverside Resort for a meal. Lastly visit Fun Time Gift Shop for good shopping.

FL 32320
Weeki Wachee Preserves Main Entrance
Hernando Beach, Spring Hill, FL
Homosassa Riverside Resort
5297 South Cherokee Way, Homosassa, FL 34448
Fun Time Gift Shop
Bronson Highway, Osceola County, FL 34747
Vero Lake Estates
The best route to Vero Lake Estates from Apalachicola

From Adamsville to Smithville with a stop for some shopping

When going to Smithville from Adamsville I suggest first visit Mo's Joes for a caffeine boost! After that make a stop at The Little Green Store for a leg stretcher and some shopping. Next stop by Sample Family Resturant for a nice meal.

AL 35005
Mo's Joes
116 4th Street Southwest, Cullman, AL 35055
The Little Green Store
Rowe Drive Southeast, Huntsville, AL 35801
Sample Family Resturant
South Main Street, Estill Springs, TN 37330
TN 37`66
The best route to Smithville from Adamsville

Granola and Yogurt

Yogurt has all the healthy bacteria your gut needs and the wholesomeness of granola can make your breakfast tasty and nutritious. When bored of eating granola with milk, you can use yogurt. If you like, you can add fresh blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries to enhance the flavor. 

Granola and Yogurt

The best route to Captain Meriwether Lewis

When driving from Blythedale to Captain Meriwether Lewis this is an alternative.

Captain Meriwether Lewis
East Allen Street, Brownville, NE 68321
The best route to Captain Meriwether Lewis from Blythedale


Rosemary is an organic flea repellant. It is great for using on your pets or treating mild infestations. To use rosemary as a flea repellant, you will need to create a powder.

Follow these steps for creating and using rosemary herbal flea powder to repel fleas:

· Collect the necessary ingredients: wormwood, fennel, rue, peppermint, and obviously – rosemary.

· Place these ingredients in pestle and mortar and start grinding.

· Sprinkle this powder throughout your house wherever you have noticed any flea activity (such as pet bedding, furniture, window sills, carpets, etc.)

Note that this method does not get rid of the fleas, but helps repel them and keep them away from your household.


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