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Icy Cold Beverage

Ice makes all the beverages taste better. To enjoy your drink and quench your thirst add ample ice to your drink. Make sure that the drink is low-sodium so that it does not make you thirstier. You can also make a margarita or lemonade and fill a glass with ice. Then pour the drink and enjoy it. Make enough to refill again and again to quench the thirst. Ideally, you should drink icy cold beverages before supper because the cold can interfere with digestion.

Icy Cold Beverage

Peanut Butter Cookies

There are so many peanut butter recipes and videos that can help you make amazing peanut butter cookies. However, I’m not a fan of trying too many new recipes because it is scary to bake cookies with new recipes. I use a sugar cookie recipe that I have mastered and turn the sugar cookies into peanut butter cookies.

I like to add some chocolate chips and peanut butter to the same recipe and it always turns out amazing. You can use your chocolate chip cookie or butter cookies recipe and some peanut butter to make it.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Using a Wet Saw

Using a wet saw is probably the best way to cut granite. A dry saw is just going to overheat under all the pressure and heat caused by cutting granite. You could have someone help you spray water on the blade as you're making the cut. If you don't have a person to assist you during the cut, just get a wet blade, and it will do the job just fine. Make sure that you are extremely precise with your cut and don't put too much pressure on the saw. Pressure will not only ruin the granite, but may also harm your saw blade.

Storing Unripe Peaches

If the peaches at hand aren't fully ripe yet, you can store them safely without any danger of them getting spoilt. The best thing to do in such a situation is to just leave the peaches on a countertop at room temperate for a few days until they're good and ready. If you want to speed up the process, throw the peaches in a plastic bag with a banana, and you'll have ripe fruit in just a couple of days.

With a paper bag

Ripening a rock-hard peach can take a couple of days, even up to a week, but by using a brown paper bag you can decrease the wait time significantly. Granted, you'll still need to wait at least a day or two.

Simply place your peaches into a brown paper bag and roll the top shut. While peaches sit, they release gases that then ripen the fruit. Placing them in a paper bag allows those gases to concentrate and give you ripe, juicy fruit even faster.

Use a peeler

Wash your lemon properly before you start peeling it. Ensure that you only peel the outer part of the lime or lemon. The inner, white part is usually bitter, so avoid cutting that. Hold a peeler in one hand and a lemon in another. Pull the peeler across the lime skin so that the top part of the peel comes off in a slice. If you want smaller pieces and do not have a zester or a grater, use a knife and cut it later.

Use a peeler

Explain how affixes change meanings

Most words change by adding affixes. Adding a prefix or a suffix before is considered a rich vocabulary technique. However, explaining it to your students could be quite challenging. To develop a rich vocabulary, you must teach the purpose and meaning of suffixes and prefixes.

Explain how affixes can change the entire meaning and therefore, they should always use a friendly root word. The possibilities of word-building creations are huge, especially if you are adding suffixes and prefixes.

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