Best Ways to Motivate others


Challenge them

Sometimes, motivation comes from competing with others and aiming for the best. Start a friendly and healthy competition among your friends, department, or teams in which each person is equally involved. Competitions are good for people to learn something, if not win.

To avoid personal grudges, keep the competition between the teams and not the individuals. It is best to ensure each team member follows all the rules of the competition. After, that share or celebrate the victory with both teams.

Written by Nicholas Taylor
1 year ago

Show trust and confidence

Offer them the autonomy to choose the method of working within certain predefined parameters. Let them have a say in how things will be done, and ensure they know that you’re always available should they have questions.

This will kindle their motivation and positively reinforce them to improve themselves further.

Written by Linda Mckinney
2 months ago

Involve them

Ask what will it take for him/her to be motivated and involved in the project. Every person is different. Therefore, you need the correct way to involve someone. One way working for you might be agonizing for another person. Take a generic step to motivate him or find out what motivated them to get involved.

Give them the autonomy to think on their own. Let them decide their parameters and goals. Give them the ownership to encourage but make sure you are there to ask open-ended questions. Set your expectations accordingly.

Written by Thelma Hansen
7 months ago


Rewards are tangible proof of your gratitude. Reward them with gift cards, public recognition, plaques, another challenging project, certificates, or more responsibility – all of these are excellent rewards. Or you could keep things simple and send them a handwritten note appreciating their efforts on an important project. 

Written by Anne George
3 years ago

Share feedback

Once the project ends, share your feedback with them. If they weren’t initially a part of the project, highlight how their contribution was important for the project’s overall success.

When you appreciate their efforts, they’ll see that you’re noticing them and be motivated to put in more effort the next time.

Share feedback

Written by Michele Hoffman
4 months ago

Appreciate small efforts and progress

The best way to encourage someone to keep trying is to appreciate the efforts they have put in so far, and the progress they made, regardless of how small it is.

It’s also helpful if you praise them for going the extra mile, even if they failed.

Basically, this appreciation works as positive reinforcement. The person is more likely to be motivated to keep working on something if they receive appreciation for their efforts.

Written by Matthew Carlson
4 days ago

Reward them

To motivate others to the fullest, you need to provide tangle evidence of your gratitude. Last year, my colleague was making an extra effort to sign an NBA player. Thus, I sent a handwritten note and a rose bouquet to motivate her.

There are many ways to motivate at a workplace, such as giving gift cards, public recognition, plaques, certificates, and even a promotion letter. Rewarding people help them understand that they have responsibilities on their shoulders and many people look up to them.

Let them know your expectations and that you expect nothing but success. 

Written by Clyde Hughes
12 months ago

Trust them

Putting your trust in someone gives them the encouragement they need. If this is an employee, you will want to establish certain parameters, but just giving them the autonomy to do things their way and to put your trust in their methods, will work as a great encouragement tool.

In fact, motivate and nurture this autonomous environment because it promotes efficiency. Also, let them know that if they have any questions, you’re always there to help.

Written by Stephen Mcdowell
4 months ago

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