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Use the outline method

As a college student, I must say that the outline method is the best way to take notes. It helps me to organize my notes in a structured way. Thus, I save a lot of time in editing and reviewing my notes.

As the name suggests, you have to outline your notes, in a structured form. You can represent different topics through bullets. I usually jot down the main topics on the extreme left of the page and add related topics or sub-topics below them.Use the outline method

A good route from Medford Lakes to Navassa

Going from Medford Lakes to Navassa a way would be to first of all look in on Boundary Monument 29 for a nice experience. Next stop by Hampton for the night!

You might like it!

Medford Lakes
Boundary Monument 29
Waller Road, Westerlee, DE 19956
Bethel Temple
1705 Todds Lane, Hampton, VA 23666
West 15th Street, Washington, NC 27889
The best route to Navassa from Medford Lakes

A good way to Blythedale

While going from Allouez to Blythedale first of all look in on Rysdon Recreation Center for some exercise! Secondly stop at Nathan Plaza for getting yourself some small treats :-). Next stop by McDonald's to have some snacks and something to drink! Then visit Czech Cottage for shopping! Then stop by Penn Central Mall for a leg stretcher!

That's the one.

WI 54301
Rysdon Recreation Center
Avenue of Flags Road, Town of Brooklyn, WI 54941
Nathan Plaza
Selch Avenue, Town of Bridgeport, WI 53821
15th Avenue Southeast, Dyersville, IA 52040
Czech Cottage
C Street Southwest, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Penn Central Mall
High Avenue West, Oskaloosa, IA 52577
The best route to Blythedale from Allouez

My stops going to Maribel

If going from Necedah to Maribel I suggest first of all visit Berry Fresh for an ice cream! Finally visit Vande Walle's Candies for some yummy sorbet.

Vote up if you like it!

WI 54646
Berry Fresh
2271 Westowne Avenue, Oshkosh, WI 54904
Vande Walle's Candies
North Metro Drive, Grand Chute, WI 54913
WI 54227
The best route to Maribel from Necedah

I suggest this!

Going from Denmark to Stamford a way would be to first visit Taco Bell for something handy to eat! Then hit Lee's Hot Dogs for a great dinner. Lastly visit Dom's Coffee for something handy to eat!

ME 04022
Taco Bell
321 Loudon Road, Concord, NH 03305
Lee's Hot Dogs
31 Central Street, Templeton, MA 01436
Dom's Coffee
West Main Street, Avon, CT 06001
The best route to Stamford from Denmark

To Broadalbin from Forestville

Going to Broadalbin from Forestville I suggest first visit Tanglewood Riding Center, it is great! Then look in on Horizons Swimming Pool for a nice experience. Finally hit Dangerous intersection with blinking red/yellow lights, it is worth it.

Tanglewood Riding Center
3440 Lafayette Road, LaFayette, NY 13078
Horizons Swimming Pool
Horizon Drive, Lansing, NY
Dangerous intersection with blinking red/yellow lights
Perry City Road, Ulysses Town, NY 14886
The best route to Broadalbin from Forestville

My fav stops going to Portage

If driving from Saltillo to Portage hit KFC for a something to eat!

2701 Hart Street, Vincennes, IN 47591
The best route to Portage from Saltillo

From Syracuse to Atwood

Driving from Syracuse to Atwood make sure to first of all visit McDonald's to have some snacks and something to drink! Then visit Horsefeathers Gifts for great shopping.

Nicer than just going straight.

SR 39, Center Valley, IN 46118
Horsefeathers Gifts
2nd Street, Henderson, KY 42420
TN 38220
The best route to Atwood from Syracuse

From Davenport to Avondale Estates with a stop for a place worth some time

Driving from Davenport to Avondale Estates I suggest you first of all stop by Norman Gym. It's good! After that hit Running Track for a nice experience.

FL 33836
Norman Gym
624 Southwest 12th Street, City of Gainesville Municipal Boundaries, FL 32611
Running Track
Kelly Street, Barretts, GA 31699
Tesla Supercharger
US 82;GA 520, Tifton, GA 31793
Avondale Estates
The best route to Avondale Estates from Davenport

Why not this trip?

When going to Saugerties from Lucketts hit Anytime Fitness for some exercise.

Try it!

Anytime Fitness
Cape Horn Road, Windsor Township, PA 17356
Ebenezer United Church of Christ
Decatur Street, New Tripoli, PA 18066
Electrify America
Lincoln Avenue, East Stroudsburg, PA 18301
The best route to Saugerties from Lucketts


Asparagus is wonderful roasted with just a bit of oil and some herbs if desired. Just preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and coat your asparagus with salt, pepper, and oil on a baking sheet. You can add fresh herbs or extra seasonings if desired, but just salt and pepper really let asparagus's natural, earthy flavors shine.

Let roast for 12-15 minutes or until tender and a tiny bit crisp on the edges, and enjoy! Give it a little squirt of lemon juice for extra flavor.

A good way from Turton to Audubon

Going from Turton to Audubon make sure to look in on Sisseton Swimming Pool to get that body going (much needed when sitting in a car for the whole day)!

Sisseton Swimming Pool
Walnut Street East, Sisseton, SD 57262
MN 56511
The best route to Audubon from Turton

Why not this trip?

Driving from Oak Hill to Milner make sure to make a stop at Little Caesars for a nice meal.

Oak Hill
Little Caesars
Pafford Lake Road, Waycross, GA 31501
The best route to Milner from Oak Hill

Going to Stone Harbor with a stop for some sporting

If going from Bridgeton to Stone Harbor a way would be to first look in on Bluff Overlook for a leg stretcher! Then make a stop at Hesse Field for a leg stretcher and some pulse. Finally visit Barnegat Light Skate Park. It's good!

RI 02859
Bluff Overlook
North Road, Greenport West, NY 11971
Hesse Field
Norwood Avenue, Deal, NJ 07723
Barnegat Light Skate Park
West 10th Street, Barnegat Light, NJ 08006
Stone Harbor
NJ 08247
The best route to Stone Harbor from Bridgeton

To Basin City with some sporting added

Driving to Basin City from Lyman I suggest first hit Rodeo's to fill up some energy! After that look in on Planet Fitness. It's great. Then stop at Curves for some sweating! Next stop by 568-C. I liked it!

Go for it!

WA 906, Kittitas County, WA 98068
Planet Fitness
Nelson Road, Olds, WA 98801-1157
Simon Street, East Wenatchee, WA 98802-4888
Grant County, WA
Basin City
WA 99343
The best route to Basin City from Lyman

A nicer way to Little Black

When going to Little Black from Brookfield I suggest you stop by Plymouth Swimming Pool.

Muskegon, MI Supercharger
MI Supercharger, 5300 South Harvey Street, Norton Shores, MI 49444
Plymouth Swimming Pool
Sunset Drive, Plymouth, WI 53073
Little Black
WI 54480
The best route to Little Black from Brookfield

A nicer way to Blunt from Janesville

While driving from Janesville to Blunt a way would be to look in on Prairie Cafe to grab a bite!

Prairie Cafe
722 Western Avenue, Brookings, SD 57006
The best route to Blunt from Janesville

A nice trip to Paonia from Melbeta

If going from Melbeta to Paonia a way would be to first visit Comanche Reservoir Overlook. It's good. Secondly stop at Eldorado Springs Pool. It's great! Finally stop by The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch for a night.

Comanche Reservoir Overlook
Browns Lake Trail, Larimer County, CO
Eldorado Springs Pool
Artesian Drive, Eldorado Springs, CO 80025
The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch
Bachelor Gulch, 0310 Daybreak Ridge Road, Avon, CO 81620
The best route to Paonia from Melbeta

The best way to Germantown

Going to Germantown from Watertown this is a nice way: make a stop at Roanoke IGA for picking up a few things.

WI 53094
Roanoke IGA
West Davidson Street, Roanoke, IL 61561
The best route to Germantown from Watertown

A nicer trip to Rice from Coy

When going from Coy to Rice first visit Jackson's Lookout. It's good! Then stop by Walmart Supercenter for a leg stretcher. Then stop at Brookshire's for picking up a few things. Finally stop at Claw Daddy's for a some great food.

AR 72046
Jackson's Lookout
Swim Platform, Jenkins, TX 75638
Walmart Supercenter
2400 North Hervey Street, Hope, AR 71801
609 Linda Drive, Daingerfield, TX 75638
Claw Daddy's
120 South Johnson Street, Mineola, TX 75773
TX 75155
The best route to Rice from Coy

From Plumsteadville to Wolcott

If driving from Plumsteadville to Wolcott visit 911 Memorial. I liked it a lot.

911 Memorial
Chestnut Ridge Road, Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677
The best route to Wolcott from Plumsteadville

These were my stops to Fredon from Pennville

If going from Pennville to Fredon I suggest you first make a stop at Sharp Shopper for great shopping! Then hit Weis for some shopping.

Sharp Shopper
Sharpe Avenue, Clay, PA 17501
Winchester Road, South Whitehall Township, PA 18104
NJ 07860
The best route to Fredon from Pennville

These were my stops from Allouez to Hartland Township

Driving to Hartland Township from Allouez first of all visit Big Pines Overlook. I liked it! Next stop by Grand Traverse Mall for some shopping. Then stop at Lake General Store for a leg stretcher.

MI 49805
Big Pines Overlook
Bay de Noc – Grand Island National Recreation Trail, Masonville Township, MI
Grand Traverse Mall
West South Airport Road, Garfield Township, MI 49684
Lake General Store
Mystic Lake Road, Garfield Township, MI 48632
Hartland Township
The best route to Hartland Township from Allouez

These were my stops to Plumville from Mountain Lake Park

Going from Mountain Lake Park to Plumville make sure to first hit Indiana Mall for some hit and run shopping! Secondly stop by Ice Cream Shop for some scoops of yummy ice cream. Finally look in on Wolf Rocks, it is worth it!

Mountain Lake Park
Indiana Mall
Warren Road, White Township, PA 15701
Ice Cream Shop
1662 Indian Creek Valley Road, Saltlick Township, PA 15462
Wolf Rocks
Lincoln Township, PA
PA 16246
The best route to Plumville from Mountain Lake Park

Fresh is best

Before you even cook crab, you should pick the right one. Shellfish should be bought as fresh as possible for best results. To ensure the crab is fresh, buy it live. It sound scary, but this is the only way you can ensure the crab was caught recently and greatly reduces off-tastes or foodborne illnesses.

Once your crab is bought and primed for cooking, bring a large pot (large enough for all your crabs) to a rolling boil over very high heat. Then is the scary part. Dunk the crabs headfirst into the boiling water and cover with a lid. Let cook for 15-20 minutes depending on the size of your crabs. Rinse briefly with cold water and then they're ready to serve.

Going to Coudersport with a stop for something to eat

If going to Coudersport from Indian Head this is my preferred way: first of all visit Mountain Gate Family Restaurant for great food! Next visit Cafe Lemont for a caffeine kick.

I like it. Your mileage may vary.

Indian Head
Mountain Gate Family Restaurant
133 Frederick Road, Thurmont, MD 21788
Cafe Lemont
921 Pike Street, Dalevue, PA 16851
PA 16951
The best route to Coudersport from Indian Head

A nicer trip to Fisher

While going to Fisher from Kanawha this is my preferred way: first hit Sweet! Indeed for a cup of coffee and something to eat. Secondly visit Snap Fitness, it is a nice stop! Lastly visit Pirate Park to get that body going!

Sweet! Indeed
6 West Main Street, Madelia, MN 56062
Snap Fitness
812 1st Street South, Willmar, MN 56201
Pirate Park
Star Hills Mobile Home Park, Dent, MN
MN 56723
The best route to Fisher from Kanawha

My stops going to Martinsville

Going from Cairo to Martinsville I suggest first of all pay a visit to Tyddyn Du Farm. It's good. Next make a stop at United Dairy Farmers for a cone of ice cream!

Tyddyn Du Farm
9811 Leacrest Road, Woodlawn, OH 45215
United Dairy Farmers
South Church Street, Blanchester, OH 45107
Second Corpus Christi Chapel
SR 229, Oldenburg, IN 47030
The best route to Martinsville from Cairo

These were my stops going to Bingham

When going from Whitney Point to Bingham hit Woodstock Athletic Club for a leg stretcher and some pulse.

Whitney Point
Whitney Point, NY 13862
Woodstock Athletic Club
Flatlander, Woodstock, VT 05091
The best route to Bingham from Whitney Point

These were my stops to Shubuta from Clinton

When going from Clinton to Shubuta first pay a visit to Sherwood Range (Archery) for some training. After that stop by Turtle Creek Mall for picking up a few things! Lastly visit Candlewood Suites Hattiesburg for the night!

Y.M.M.V. Though

Sherwood Range (Archery)
Hillsdale, Pearl River County, MS
Turtle Creek Mall
1000 Turtle Creek Drive, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Candlewood Suites Hattiesburg
Classic Drive, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
The best route to Shubuta from Clinton

Fully Load Your Automatic Washing Machine

Each cycle of the washing machine takes up to 35 gallons of water. Fully load the washing machine when doing your laundry. If you do your laundry twice a week and wash fewer clothes each time. Wait until you gather more. Fully load the washing machine and wash all the clothes at once. This can help save water, energy, and detergent.

Fully Load Your Automatic Washing Machine

My fav stops going to Murphy

When going from Stuart to Murphy a way would be to stop by Hardee's for a something to eat.

IA 50250
1411 South Baltimore Street, Kirksville, MO 63501
The best route to Murphy from Stuart

Baking Soda

To make the clothes and bedding white again, you need to reduce the yellowness. Baking soda can work wonders in this case. Fill a bucket of water or your sink with lukewarm water and put a tablespoon of baking powder and your regular detergent.

Rub the yellowed parts or stains between your clasped hands or use a brush to scrub gently. Wash out the baking soda and dry in shade. Wash them a few more times using the same method to completely whiten the clothes or sheets.

Baking Soda

Online trading

Investing in the stock market is a lucrative way to obtain money if you do it safely and properly. You can make a profit or suffer a significant loss by the same token. There’s no need to fund stock brokers. There are plenty of online market trading platforms.

For instance, offers a free practice account and has more than 12 million users worldwide. The copy feature of eToro makes it easier to obtain money. Copy the investments of top performers and you are good to go.Online trading

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