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Using VLC Media Player

The process to take a screen capture from a video using VLC Media Player is fairly straightforward and intuitive.

Move the seek and pause the video at the frame which you want to capture. From the tabs on the top, select ‘Video’ and click on ‘Take Snapshot’.

Instead of asking you for the location where you’d like to save the capture, it will directly show you where it saved the picture at the top of the playback window. Be quick though, the target location will only appear for a second.

Rent out your property

Once you retire, it’s generally more preferable to build passive sources of income unless you’re really invested in a business idea that you want to work on yourself.

One of the oldest ways of building a passive income is to become a landlord and renting out your property.

If you’re not willing to rent to a full-time tenant, turn your property into an attractive place with a bunch of service offerings and put it on Airbnb.

Rent out your property

Wear thick socks

This is particularly helpful if your home has cold floors. Strap up a pair of warm socks. Not only they’re cozy, but keeping your feet warm makes the rest of your body feel warmer as well. If you have a pair of (preferably unused) shoes at home, put them on too!

Small business loans

While banks may not be very keen on giving out an unsecured loan to a new business, you may be able to get the bank to sanction a good amount if you have an asset that you can provide as security. Perhaps you could mortgage your house, or pledge some gold jewelry.

Before you do this, though, make sure that your business will be able to generate enough cash flows to be able to pay off the monthly payments that become due on the loan unless you want to lose your house or jewelry. 

Small business loans


If you haven’t been traveling for a while and your suitcases are lying idle, use them to store your winter clothes. Most suitcases have a plastic outer shell that keeps the things inside safe. Fold or lay your clothes in the suitcase and transfer the suitcase to where it was lying before.

If you live in a small apartment and don’t have a lot of space, try fitting it under the bed, under a table, or behind a couch or door.

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