Best Ways to Store winter clothes



If you haven’t been traveling for a while and your suitcases are lying idle, use them to store your winter clothes. Most suitcases have a plastic outer shell that keeps the things inside safe. Fold or lay your clothes in the suitcase and transfer the suitcase to where it was lying before.

If you live in a small apartment and don’t have a lot of space, try fitting it under the bed, under a table, or behind a couch or door.

Written by Bernard Dixon
3 months ago

Large Plastic Bags

If you have a large closet and you have space to store the winter clothes in the same closet, put your winter clothes in plastic bags and store them. You won’t be using your winter clothes for at least 5 months which means silverfish or moths might invade them, or they may absorb any odors.

Find large transparent plastic bags to seal the clothes. Wash and dry all the clothes. If the clothes were washed already let them hang outside in the sun for a few hours before packing them. This helps get the moisture and odor out of your clothes.

Written by Ramiro Mills
2 years ago

Plastic Storage Boxes

Large plastic storage bins can be placed anywhere without any worries and they can keep the clothes 99% safe from dust, water, moisture, and bad smells. Find some sturdy plastic storage boxes to hold your winter clothes. Fold your clothes tightly and place them in the boxes. You can place the boxes either under the bed, in your garage, or in the attic.

Written by Alfred Davidson
2 weeks ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Store Winter Clothes?

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