Best Ways to Get stills from video


Using QuickTime Player

Run your video file in the QuickTime player and pause the video exactly when the frame you want to captures appears on the screen. Go to File > Export. Then, choose ‘Movie to Picture’ as the export type. Next, choose a location where you would like to save the picture and click Save.

Written by Melody Banks
2 months ago

Using VLC Media Player

The process to take a screen capture from a video using VLC Media Player is fairly straightforward and intuitive.

Move the seek and pause the video at the frame which you want to capture. From the tabs on the top, select ‘Video’ and click on ‘Take Snapshot’.

Instead of asking you for the location where you’d like to save the capture, it will directly show you where it saved the picture at the top of the playback window. Be quick though, the target location will only appear for a second.

Written by Bernard Dixon
1 year ago

Print Screen button

Use the Print Screen (PRTSC/PRTSCN) button on your keyboard. This button is (almost) like a screenshot on your phone. The only difference being, you will have to paste this screenshot somewhere like in a document or an e-mail, because it doesn’t get saved automatically as a photo.

If you want to only take a capture of an active window, press ALT+PRINT SCREEN. If your keyboard doesn’t have the PRTSC button, try using the FN+INSERT combination for taking a screen capture.

Written by Crystal Allen
3 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Get Stills from Video?

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