Best Ways to Brew tea


In a teapot

If you're making tea for more than one person, the best way to brew it is in a teapot.

First, boil your water. Different kinds of teas have different levels of sensitivity to heat and may scald and taste bitter if brewed with water that's too hot. For best results, use this as a guide:

Green (matcha, hojicha): 150-180°F

White: 160°F

Black (earl grey, English breakfast): 180-212°F

Oolong: 190-200°F

Pu-erh: 202-212°F

Herbal (chamomile, peppermint): 212°F

While the water is boiling, add one heaping teaspoon of tea leaves per cup, plus one extra for the pot (If you're making five cups, that's six teaspoons).

Once your water is up to the appropriate temperature, gently pour it into your teapot, making sure to soak all the tea leaves. Allow to steep for at least a minute, but no more than five minutes. Pour into teacups, add milk and sugar if desired, and enjoy!

Written by Doug Watson
2 years ago

Type of Tea

The Tea brewing process can depend on the type of Tea. The usual ratio is one teaspoon to a hot teacup or two teaspoons to a cup of ice tea. Therefore, a 1-liter teapot requires about four teaspoons of hot tea. No need to brew it longer, but add an extra teaspoon and cook for the recommended time. If milk is added to black tea, it should be boiled for as long as possible.

Don't forget to keep the milk for black tea. It is best to drink white, green, and herbs immediately. White tea, green tea, and oolong tea should be 80 ° C, so mix only 20% cold water and 80% boiling water. Pour some hot water into a kettle or cup and discard. This will prevent the tea set from cooling too quickly.

Written by Kim Jensen
3 months ago

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