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From Gravelly Springs to Barbourville

Driving from Gravelly Springs to Barbourville make sure to visit The Coffee Cat for a cup of coffee and something to eat!


Gravelly Springs
The Coffee Cat
Bobby Ray Memorial Parkway, McMinnville, TN 37110
KY 40906
The best route to Barbourville from Gravelly Springs

A nicer way from O"Kean to Chapel Hill

While going from O"Kean to Chapel Hill a way would be to first of all make a stop at Walmart Supercenter for a leg stretcher! Then stop by Planet Fitness. Next visit Overholt's Farm Matket for some hit and run shopping.

Try it!

AR 72425
Walmart Supercenter
3700 North Porter Drive, Blytheville, AR 72315
Planet Fitness
I 40;US 412, Jackson, TN 38305
Overholt's Farm Matket
14520 Old State Hwy 13, Buffalo, TN 37078
Chapel Hill
TN 37034
The best route to Chapel Hill from O"Kean

The way to Dumont

If driving to Dumont from Berwyn first make a stop at Olive Oil Etcetera for a leg stretcher! Finally hit Kings for good shopping.

There you go.

Olive Oil Etcetera
22 South Main Street, Doylestown, PA 18901
Valley Road, Long Hill Township, NJ 07980
NJ 07628
The best route to Dumont from Berwyn

Going to Meriden with a stop for a place worth some time

When going from Cedarburg to Meriden this is a good way: first of all stop by Mill Race Bridge, it is great. Finally stop at Subway for a something to eat!

WI 53012
County Road K, Town of Springfield, WI 53562
Mill Race Bridge
Nickel Road, Eldorado, IA 52166
Main Street, Monona, IA 52159
The best route to Meriden from Cedarburg

These were my stops going to Bridgewater

While driving from Glen Cove to Bridgewater I suggest you first stop at The Sea Chest for some shopping! Next hit Whispering Sands for good shopping. Next look in on Cafe Bischo for a cup of coffee and something to eat.

Glen Cove
ME 04841
The Sea Chest
Kenyon Road, Phippsburg, ME 04565
Whispering Sands
3 Main Street, York, ME 03910
Cafe Bischo
47;51 Main Street, Gloucester, MA 01930-3540
The best route to Bridgewater from Glen Cove

From Bokchito to Adair with some some food added

Going to Adair from Bokchito I suggest you first of all make a stop at Subway for a nice meal! Then stop at Seymour City Pool to get that body going.

OK 75726
Lovers Lane, Bowie, TX 76230
Seymour City Pool
Memorial Drive, Seymour, TX 76380
SPEC ChargePoint
FM 836, Dickens County, TX 79370
The best route to Adair from Bokchito

Why not this trip?

Driving from Bonanza to Bay Minette make a stop at Goldberg's Deli for a great lunch.

Goldberg's Deli
Vaughn Road, Montgomery, AL 36064
Bay Minette
AL 36507
The best route to Bay Minette from Bonanza

Why not this trip?

If driving from Barnstead to Haddon I suggest you first make a stop at Dunkin' Donuts to grab a bite! Then look in on Starbucks for some sodas. After that stop by Garret Mountain Equestrian Center for a nice experience.

Dunkin' Donuts
33 Pearson Boulevard, Gardner, MA 01440
Main Street South, Southbury, CT 06488
Garret Mountain Equestrian Center
Yellow Trail, Woodland Park, NJ
NJ 08104
The best route to Haddon from Barnstead

From Woodsfield to Three Oaks

Going to Three Oaks from Woodsfield I suggest first of all stop at Touch of Country for some shopping. Secondly visit Racer's Cafe for a cup or two! Next make a stop at Jr's Dari Sweet for some yummy frozen yoghurt.

College Park Street, Gambier, OH 43022
Touch of Country
109 South Main Street, Mount Victory, OH 43340
Racer's Cafe
College Park West, Lima, OH 45805
Jr's Dari Sweet
Lincolnway South, Wolflake, IN 46760
Three Oaks
The best route to Three Oaks from Woodsfield

My fav stops to McSherrystown from Allen

Driving to McSherrystown from Allen this is a nice way: first stop by Top Thrill Dragster Grandstand for a leg stretcher. After that hit Horseman's Camp for some horses! Then hit Johnstown Galleria for some shopping.

Top Thrill Dragster Grandstand
1 Cedar Point Drive, Sandusky, OH
Horseman's Camp
Horse Trail - Orange, Calcutta, OH 44455
Johnstown Galleria
Galleria Drive, Richland Township, PA 15904
PA 17344
The best route to McSherrystown from Allen

Going to Chesaning with a stop for something to eat

When going to Chesaning from Montezuma this is a good way: first of all hit Taco Bell for a some food! Then stop by Feed The World Cafe to have some snacks and something to drink.

Taco Bell
1122 South Veterans Parkway, Bloomington, IL 61704
Tesla Supercharger
Merrillville Road, Merrillville, IN 46410-5468
Feed The World Cafe
Stadium Drive, Oshtemo Township, MI 49009
The best route to Chesaning from Montezuma

Avoid Backhanded Compliments

Women hate compliments that compare them or insult them. A compliment that insults her kind, race, gender, or anything that she is proud of will be a turn-off. Avoid saying things like; “You are too smart to be blonde” or “If you were'nt so pretty, I would have never dated you” 

A nicer way to Prairie City

When going from Ball Bluff to Prairie City I suggest you first of all visit Caribou Coffee to fill up with some energy! Next visit Dairy Delite for some tasty sorbet.

Ball Bluff
Caribou Coffee
81st Avenue Northeast, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432
Dairy Delite
20885 Holyoke Avenue, Lakeville, MN 55044
Prairie City
The best route to Prairie City from Ball Bluff

A good way to Van Vleck from New Boston

When driving to Van Vleck from New Boston this is my preferred way: stop by Starbucks for a cup of coffee!

New Boston
TX 75570
Electric Circuit
Research Forest Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77381
Interstate 45 North, Willis, TX 77305
Van Vleck
TX 77482
The best route to Van Vleck from New Boston

Start your essay with a quote

Quotes are a fun and easy way of starting an essay as it takes some pressure off you as a writer. It hooks your reader’s attention and adds the narrative element that gives your essay a creative and engaging opening. Example:

“Our problem is that we don’t learn our history! One often hears that said in the black community.” - John McWhorter

The best way to Raymond

When driving from Sun Valley to Raymond this is a nice way: first make a stop at Fortunes for some delicious frozen yoghurt! Then pay a visit to SOUL Yoga, Healing, & the Arts for some training.

Sun Valley
55 Broadway, Tivoli, NY 12583
SOUL Yoga, Healing, & the Arts
Healing, & the Arts, 374 Union Street, Peterborough, NH 03458
The best route to Raymond from Sun Valley

From Spiro to Martindale

If driving from Spiro to Martindale I suggest first stop by Braum's for a delicious meal! Finally look in on Old Mount Carmel Center Swimming Pool for a leg stretcher.

I went this way last time. I am curious to get other suggestions though.

OK 74959
2035 Bonham Street, Paris, TX 75460
Old Mount Carmel Center Swimming Pool
Double EE Ranch Road, Oaklake, TX 76705
The best route to Martindale from Spiro

Think before you speak

It is easy to do something in the heat of the moment and then regret it later. Take a few moments to collect your thoughts and then speak. Allow others to talk during the time you are thinking.


Virtualization enables you to use several operating systems on your computer hardware at the same time.

On a Mac, virtualization uses a hypervisor (a software layer), for emulating the underlying hardware. Because of this, a guest operating system that runs on a virtual machine runs noticeably slower than in Boot Camp. But unlike Boot Camp, you can run the Mac OS and the guest OS both at the same time.

For Mac, there are 3 primary virtualization apps: Parallels, VMWare Fusion, and VirtualBox.

Interactive sessions

Learning management systems like Edmodo, Moodle, and Blackboard are capable of creating interactive learning activities like quizzes. Just go through the instructions for creating them and you will have set up an excellent way to teach your students more engagingly.

With vinegar

Vinegar is highly acidic, and as such, kills plants quickly and effectively.

Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and spray the ivy thoroughly. Be careful to only spray the ivy, as it will kill any nearby plants. After a couple of days, the leaves should turn brown. You can then remove the leaves to minimize any chance of propagation.

If there are still some green leaves, spray those too and repeat the process. Removing leaves that are still alive can damage tree bark and do more harm than good.

Use a knife

You can use a knife to zest a lemon, but it will take a few minutes longer than using a zester. Use a knife only if you don’t have a zester, peeler, or grater. Hold the lime down on a counter. Take a knife and cut the thinnest stripe of the lime. Avoid cutting the white part as it is bitter. Put the peeled slice in a cutting mat and cut it into equal strips. You can cut it again into dice if you want to use it for baking.

Use a knife

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