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The online platform Codecademy offers coding classes (free) for 6 programming languages which include jQuery, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, and Ruby. The platform has managed to provide classes to over a million users, which includes the NYC mayor, Michael Bloomberg. 


Written by Kenneth Mays
2 months ago

Pick your interest in the levels

A computer program is a set of instructions that a computer executes. Programming is the art of providing those instructions to the computer. Programming can be done at many levels on the computer.

Low level - Programming microchip

High level - Creating applications that are dedicated to performing a single thing

User Interface Level - Here the users interact with the machine.

One needs to pick one level and learn the language in which each level of programming is done.

Written by Horace Walsh
2 weeks ago

Understand the Logic and Language of Programming

Programming is a combination of logic and language. Here the computer understands what we (as programmers) want it to do. It contains two parts -

Logic: Set of logical instruction which we ask the computer to perform that will give us desired result (AKA Algorithms) 

Language: A common tongue which we (Programmer) and computer both understands. To become a good programmer one needs to master logic and have a good control on a language (Programming Language)

Written by Williams Ruiz
1 year ago

Learn data structure and algorithms

Data structure and Algorithms are the heart of programming. Once you are comfortable with any of the languages and can make some basic programs, the next thing to do is learn data structures and algorithms. You will get better at building your problem-solving skills if you understand the fundamentals of data structures and algorithms. 

Understand that not all data structures can be used everywhere so for any kind of problem, first implement an algorithm. This is a step by step process to solve a specific problem, and then you need to choose the right data structure to solve the problem. The right combination of data structure and algorithm is really important in solving the problems.

Written by Duane Cobb
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Learn Programming?

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