Best Ways to Neutralize odors


Fresh Air

Fresh air is extremely necessary for your house. If you keep all the doors and windows shut for the most part of the day, it is natural for the space to accumulate several smells that can be good and bad. To get rid of these smells, open windows to let the fresh air. Improved air circulation in your house can rid your house of cooking smells and smells from your pet and dirty clothes. If you bring some sunlight inside the house, it will also help kill the germs and disinfect surfaces.

Fresh Air

Written by Irma Holland
10 months ago

Air Conditioning

Get an air conditioner that filters the air. The filters can trap most bacteria, viruses, and enzymes in the air which will remove the odor from the house. Some air conditioners have nano-particles technology that can catch even the tiniest particles in the air inside their filters. Air conditioners can keep the house cool, circulate air, catch dust, filter out odors and micro-organisms effectively as well.

Written by Michelle Moran
1 month ago

Use coffee

The foul odor will keep returning unless you identify the source and get rid of it. Once you’ve done that, you can put some used coffee grounds in a bowl and place it in an enclosed room. Let it sit overnight so the grounds can absorb the lingering odor. When you wake up the next morning, you’ll smell the refreshing aroma of coffee grounds. You can then put the coffee grounds in the trash.

Written by Erica Mullins
2 weeks ago

A DIY air-freshener

Do you have a bottle of really cheap vodka lying around the house? Great! You finally get to pop it open and put it to good use. Fortunately, vodka quickly evaporates and absorbs odors.

To make your DIY air-freshener: put 3 parts water and 1 part vodka and mix them. Next, add any of your most preferred essential oil such as eucalyptus or lavender. Fill this mixture in a spray bottle and start spraying to keep the stink away.

Written by Dustin Hunter
6 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Neutralize Odors?

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