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Cook Yourself an Extravagant Dinner

If you are the person who likes to cook at home and has not been doing it for a while, treat yourself to an extravagant dinner. Cook or bake something you have been craving for a long while. If you’d like, invite a friend or date and dress up. Select a menu and enjoy!

Cook Yourself an Extravagant Dinner

Accept Yourself

Our flaws make us “US”. We are all unique human beings with different capabilities, habits, visage, and outlook towards life. Love yourself and never think of yourself as less than anyone. You deserve the best. So, step out and do something crazy that you really want to do. Even if you are broke, you hate your job or you’re bald, you are you. The adversity will go away only if you are ready to move forward in life and change it.

Accept Yourself


Donor-advised funds (DFAs) have become significantly popular in the past few years surpassing a billion dollars in total assets.

DFAs are a cost-effective alternative to private foundations. They are offered by a sponsoring organization, they are simple, and accessible. You put your money in the fund, the sponsoring organization manages it, and you can donate out of the fund as and when you please to a cause of your choice.

You can get the ball rolling with as low as $5,000. The sponsoring institution will invest this amount as per the fund's policy. You can then utilize the donated amount for making grants to charities of your liking. What's more, the sponsoring organization will assist you in choosing a charity, should you so require, by conducting research. 

Do ETF - Tapping therapy

Whenever I am stressed, I take a few minutes to do tapping therapy. In this, you have to tap on specific parts of your body using the first two fingers for at least 30 seconds.

Start with doing karate chops on the sides of your palms (one palm at a time)

Tap on the top of the head.

Move to the bridge of the eyebrows.

Tap under your eyes for thirty seconds simultaneously.

Move under your nose and then on your chin.

And at last on your collarbone.

This tactic is called an ETF, and it calms you down and grounds you to your surroundings.

Drive for Uber

If you have a car and spare time, drive for Uber or Lyft after work and on weekends. It may sound like a boring thing but it can help you build connections and meet different people or drive to places you haven’t been to while making some cash on the side.

If you can have an agreement with a local car booking company, you can drive people around town and charge higher for your services. It can help you make more money but you will be driving them around all day and will be waiting in the car for them a lot.

Drive for Uber

Use a Pillow Case

Ceiling fans works the hardest in the summer days but remembering to clean them can be difficult too. If the dust is getting out of control, use a ladder. You need a ladder and a pillow case. Step in to the ladder and reach the blades. Put the pillow case over the blades, and then wipe them up and down. This is the ideal way to clean the ceiling fan and not mess the whole house. As the dust particles stays inside the pillow case. 

Consider alternatives

One of the worst parts about quitting smoking is the inevitable nicotine withdrawal. Changes in mood such as sadness and irritability, insomnia, and flu symptoms can all happen as a result of quitting cigarettes.

Consider alternatives such as nicotine gum or patches. Both are readily available without a prescription and can be used to control nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

They are both very effective at helping you to quit smoking, but ensure that you are using them only as directed and be aware of the side effects. Both may cause irritation and nausea if used excessively or incorrectly.

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