Best Ways to Clean ceiling fans


Use an Extendable Duster

As the hot summer days approaches, ceiling fans collects more dust. These dust particles are not safe for your family’s health. Cleaning the ceiling fans is a must in every 1 month. Use an extendable duster to reach the high ceiling and dust out the blades. These dusters are pretty versatile and can be used for any purpose around the house. The hassle of getting a ladder and using it can be very unsafe. Clean the ceiling fan and live a healthier life!

Written by Louis Allen
4 years ago

Use a Pillow Case

Ceiling fans works the hardest in the summer days but remembering to clean them can be difficult too. If the dust is getting out of control, use a ladder. You need a ladder and a pillow case. Step in to the ladder and reach the blades. Put the pillow case over the blades, and then wipe them up and down. This is the ideal way to clean the ceiling fan and not mess the whole house. As the dust particles stays inside the pillow case. 

Written by Harlan Douglas
1 year ago

Damp Cloth

The best time to clean the ceilings fan is when you have to clean the floors as well. While cleaning and wiping the dust, some of it will fall on the ground which means you’ll have to clean the floors afterward. Make sure you turn off the fan well in advance before cleaning because the fan can be really hot if it was in use. Grab portable stairs and start wiping the ceiling fans. Use more than 2 cleaning cloths to use when one gets soiled. Wipe with a dry cloth at the end for a clean finish. 

Written by Louis Allen
9 months ago

Greasy Fans

The ceiling fan in your kitchen is probably greasy and needs some extra effort at cleaning. To clear up the build-up grease, use paper towels or microfiber cloth to clean the blades. Loose grime should come out with a dry cloth. Remove as much grease as you can with a dry cloth. Mix some grease-cutting dishwashing liquid in some water and grab a soft sponge to scrub and remove the grease. Avoid using too much water to avoid the risk of electric shock. Do not use steel wool for cleaning because it will scratch the surface of the blades.

Greasy Fans

Written by Benny West
7 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Clean Ceiling Fans?

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