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These were my stops going to Marshall

When driving from Clontarf to Marshall I suggest you first of all stop by Hollywood Ranch House for a meal. Secondly stop at Municipal Swimming Pool. It's good! Next stop by King's Row for great shopping!

That's all.

MN 56226
Hollywood Ranch House
Minnesota State Highway 7, Winsted Township, MN 55387
Municipal Swimming Pool
West Marion Street, Lake City, MN 55041
King's Row
3rd Avenue Southeast, Rochester, MN 55904
The best route to Marshall from Clontarf

The best way to Milnor from Center

If driving to Milnor from Center this is my preferred way: first of all make a stop at McDonald's to fill up some energy! Then visit Kulm Grocery for great shopping.

Test it for yourself!

ND 31374
East Miriam Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58591
St. Luke's American Lutheran Church
Mary Street North, Streeter, ND 58483
Kulm Grocery
Center Street West, Kulm, ND 58456
The best route to Milnor from Center

Share your Resources

Sharing your resources with people who need them is a great way to satisfy the inner self that you are doing great. Some people like to help others because it makes them feel good. Carry a jerry can in the boot of your car if you can safely carry it. When you see a car shut down or out of fuel, offer them help.

If you know how to change a flat tire, help someone who does not know how to change a tire. Share your resources. The resources don’t have to be very expensive, but if it's important, be ready to share your stuff. 

Share your Resources

A good route to Laurinburg from White Plains

Going from White Plains to Laurinburg I suggest you first of all hit Added Touch for a leg stretcher and some shopping. Then hit Anytime Fitness. It's great! Lastly visit IGA for some hit and run shopping!

White Plains
Added Touch
East Highland Avenue, Saluda, SC 29138
Anytime Fitness
I 26, Irmo, SC 29063
South Street, Kershaw, SC 29067
NC 28352
The best route to Laurinburg from White Plains

Strike something off your unfinished bucket list

If you were always “too busy” to do something you love, now is a perfect time. Maybe you wanted to learn to play the piano or have a reunion with your high-school friends.

You’ve got all the time in the world so start striking things off your bucket list, and keep striking as many as you can. 

A nicer way to Glade Spring

Going from Sewickley to Glade Spring make sure to first pay a visit to Ritchie County Fairgrounds for a leg stretcher and some pulse! After that look in on Bob Evans for a something delicious to eat.

Test it for yourself!

Ritchie County Fairgrounds
County Route 50/39, Pennsboro, WV 26415
Bob Evans
US 19, Fayetteville, WV 25840
Glade Spring
The best route to Glade Spring from Sewickley

A good trip from Beech Bottom to Webster Township

Driving from Beech Bottom to Webster Township I suggest first of all visit World Gym for a leg stretcher and some pulse. After that hit Sandusky Mall for picking up a few things!

A nice one.

Beech Bottom
WV 26030
World Gym
Hibernian Way, Akron, OH 44301
Sandusky Mall
4314 Milan Road, Perkins Township, OH 44870
Webster Township
MI 48130
The best route to Webster Township from Beech Bottom

Avoid sugary drinks

Cocktails like Blue Hawaii or frozen margaritas are delicious, but it's easy to lose track of how many you're drinking on a night out. They contain massive amounts of sugar, that, when consumed to such a degree, dehydrate you (sugar is a humectant, drawing water out from your body) and also can cause headaches, both giving you and exacerbating a hangover. Try using carbonated water or diet soda as a mixer instead.

A nice way to South Tucson

Going from Camp Williams to South Tucson I suggest you first hit Desert Center Cafe for a cup of coffee! Finally visit Starbucks for a quick bite.

Try it!

Camp Williams
Camp Williams, CA
Desert Center Cafe
Ragsdale Road, Desert Center, CA 92239
East Chase Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020
South Tucson
The best route to South Tucson from Camp Williams

Use Soap Water Mix to Clean the Exposed Areas

Pest infestation becomes an obstacle in your peaceful life when it’s your own home. Fumigation is the process to get rid of these insects. In order to get back to your living your normal life, it’s necessary to clean your entire home. Open all of your windows and doors, and then get rid of the dead insects by vacuuming. Use a soap water mix to clean the surface areas that were in exposure during fumigation. Make sure you clean the entire house!


If you don't already know, breeding gets you an XP orb every time a baby animal is born. If you're just starting out, you should definitely think about trapping some animals on your first or second day. Breeding comes a bit later, but it should definitely be on your to-do list. Once you start breeding, you should get a fair bit of XP in a few days. After that, you can also go fish for XP. Fishes also get you XP orbs every time you catch one, regardless of whether you pick it up or not.

Use Math and Numbers

Numbers can help you distract easily. This is possible even when you are not a math person. You can try any of the following:

Running through a times table in your head.

Counting backward from 100

Choosing a number and thinking of 5 ways you can make the number. For example number 6. 2x3 = 6. 5+1 =6, 6x1 = 6, and so on.

Blink more often

When you look at your computer or TV screen for extended durations, it dries your eyes out, which then leads to headaches, blurry vision, and eye strain.

When you’re absorbed into what’s happening on the screen, the blink rate of your eyes drops from 20 blinks/minute to just about 6-8 blinks/minute.

The next time you’re working with a screen and feel strain in your eyes, try to blink more to lubricate your eyes and refresh your brain so it can process the visual data with increased efficiency. 

Blink more often

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