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Talk About the Weather

If the weather is beautiful, talk to them about the weather. Weather is one of those topics that can help you easily start a conversation with anyone. Start with something like, I think it's going to rain today, what do you say? Indulge them in small talk that should not make them anxious or overwhelmed. 

Start meal planning

Sticking to a food budget can actually be really simple if you know exactly what you’re shopping for on your grocery trips. If you walk in to the store without a set menu or plan for the week, you may end up buying food that you don’t need and don’t end up using. To avoid letting food go to waste, plan your meals for the week and make a list of all the ingredients you will need to purchase. This will keep you from buying extra things that you don’t need.

Respect the Dog’s Wishes

A dog may approach you if they want to greet you. You can also look friendly to a dog to make them interested in approaching you. To do so, look at them and then look away. Don’t stare at them for longer because it may make them uncomfortable and they might think of you as a threat.

If you are the one approaching the dog, make sure to build trust and keep a good distance. Respect the dog’s wishes in case they want to look at you from a long-distance or want to have no contact. If the dog seems happy when you pet them or shows affection, go on. 

Respect the Dog’s Wishes

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