Best Ways to Greet a dog


Respect the Dog’s Wishes

A dog may approach you if they want to greet you. You can also look friendly to a dog to make them interested in approaching you. To do so, look at them and then look away. Don’t stare at them for longer because it may make them uncomfortable and they might think of you as a threat.

If you are the one approaching the dog, make sure to build trust and keep a good distance. Respect the dog’s wishes in case they want to look at you from a long-distance or want to have no contact. If the dog seems happy when you pet them or shows affection, go on. 

Respect the Dog’s Wishes

Written by Joann Mills
11 months ago

Let It Smell Your Hand

Animals including dogs recognize beings through their smell. To greet a dog, let the dog smell your hand. The dog may start barking at you if you go too near or show signs of aggressiveness if they are trained to be that way. It is not recommended to go near a stray dog. If the owner of the dog knows you, is a friend, or someone you just met and lets you greet the dog, go ahead and hold your palm near the dog’s face for a short while. After the dog has sniffed your hand, go ahead and pat them or rub their back. 

Let It Smell Your Hand

Written by Angela Olson
4 months ago

Stand Close to The Dog but Don’t Crouch on Them

To have a quick and friendly exchange of greeting, approach the dog and stand near them. You can sit, bend your knees or stand while greeting the dog. Make sure you are not making the dog afraid or worried in any way. When the dog looks at you, blink your eyes often to signal them that you can be trusted. Lean towards them and let them smell you. If the dog feels comfortable around you, pat them. If the dog backs off or starts barking, don’t touch them or go near them. 

Written by Cathy Marquez
3 years ago

Give them love

There is only one thing that all dogs really want from the humans around them: to be loved. The best way to greet your dog is by petting them and giving them some quality attention. Your dog will love the affection and will show it by wagging its tail. When it comes to dogs that you aren’t familiar with, ask their owner before you approach them. It’s important to make sure the dog and the owner are comfortable with you approaching to greet them.

Written by Martha Brennan
1 year ago

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