Best Ways to Avoid getting sick


Wash your hands frequently

Your hands, especially around flu season, can be absolutely teeming with disease if you don't wash them frequently enough. Once it's on your hands, the minute you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, you're bound to get sick.

If you're very concerned about getting sick, make sure you're washing your hands with soap and water for at least twenty seconds every time. Make sure you're washing often too, as any surface, such as tables, chairs, and doorknobs, can be potential carriers of germs.

Written by Bryant Knight
2 years ago

Good Hygiene

Viral and bacterial infections spread when they stick to hands and surfaces and then make their way into your body. Washing your hands often and taking a shower every day or every other day can keep your body clean and germ-free. Keep surfaces at your house clean and use bleach or vinegar in a spray bottle to clean the tables, laptop, and other frequently used surfaces.

Good Hygiene

Written by Muriel Aguilar
1 year ago

Avoid touching the face

On average, humans touch their face 3-5 times every minute. Your hands have been God knows where, and when you touch your eyes or nose with it, you’re potentially giving the germs a free pass into your body.

To avoid this, avoid touch your face often. Occasional fidgeting is fine, but don’t touch your face out of compulsion. Also, wash your hands frequently so when you do touch your face, your hands are clean.

Written by Maxwell Hudson
8 months ago

Disinfect frequently used objects and surfaces

Viruses can survive on surfaces like clothes, kitchenware, metal, paper, plastic, etc. The duration for which they’ll survive depends on the level of temperature and humidity, but a 2016 study suggests that viruses that cause influenza can possibly survive for months.

To minimize the risk of infecting yourself, disinfect these frequently used objects with solutions that contain either alcohol or bleach. 

Written by Angelina Welch
3 years ago

Stay Fit

The importance of a healthy body cannot be stressed enough. Healthy body weight makes you more active so that you can live your life to the fullest. If you are over-weight or you get aches and pains from doing regular tasks, you need to engage yourself in physical exercise.

Start with a simple exercise or yoga to reduce the body’s fat. If you are overweight, talk to a dietician to get a custom meal plan and hire a trainer to help you lose weight with HIIT or Cardio.

Written by Horace Armstrong
1 year ago

Consume fibrous foods

Dietary fiber has a range of benefits like preventing constipation, regulating the digestive system, and lowering the risk of several other ailments. It could also potentially boost your immune system, which is critical for fighting off infections. Dietary fiber contains short-chain fatty acids which can help build a stronger immune system.

Written by Yvette Johns
1 month ago

Drink Green Tea

Every winter season, we are worried about our health when everyone around us starts catching the flu and cold. The best way to avoid getting sick is to strengthen your immune system. Eating healthy food and avoiding foods that can make you sick should be avoided. Green tea helps boost the immune system and relieves sore throat. Consume green tea at least once a day to stay healthy from inside.

Written by Jesus Taylor
3 weeks ago

Avoid Smoking

Smoking can be very dangerous for your health. It weakens your immune system and makes you more vulnerable to infections and illnesses. To stay healthy and avoid getting sick, avoid smoking, and don’t expose yourself to secondhand smoke. Find healthy alternatives if you cannot stop smoking and let go of the addiction gradually.

Written by Karen Mason
4 months ago

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