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Have caffeine on hand

Whether or not you like coffee, you’re going to need some form of caffeine to make it through the entire night. Your body is not used to staying up all night. It will need help to operate through those early morning hours. Coffee drinkers, you already know what’s up. If you don’t like the taste of coffee, stop by the grocery store and pick up an energy drink. You’re definitely going to need it.

Drink a caffeinated beverage

Drinking a cup or two of coffee might be the simplest way to improve alertness in the classroom. It does not only jolt your senses but also helps you to avoid falling asleep. People often ask me, how much caffeine do you need to stay awake in the middle of a lecture? Well, it depends and varies from person to person. However, it is based on your sensitivity to the caffeinated drink.

Only 400 milligrams of caffeine per day (4 cups of coffee) is enough to keep a person awake during school hours.

Stay away from microwaves

If you want to eat good, warm, tasty, and crispy breadsticks, then the microwave is not your friend. The microwave makes your pizza soggy and softens the crust. So, this should not be an option.

Shower Often

Habit of staying clean can help you stay healthy. Showering and cleaning your body thoroughly with soap means wiping off the bacteria and viruses from the skin. Whenever you come home, take a shower and leave your old clothes untouched for 24 hours in a basket.

Showering once or twice a day can also help avoid breakouts, infections from other viruses such as influenza, and others if you go out in the public often. A hot steaming bath is also good for your skin and is comforting.

Be Enthusiastic

You must have heard this “enthusiasm is contagious”. Enthusiasm really is contagious. If you have that eagerness and vigorous zest for life and work, people around you will notice it.

Enthusiasm is like a positive energy that can transfer from one to another. If you are enthusiastic about your job or a hobby, the people around you will also be inspired today or tomorrow to have that kind of energy and enthusiasm. 

Be Enthusiastic

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