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High top sneakers

If you’re trying to conceal a tattoo around your ankle, high top sneakers are just what you need to cover up the ink.

So, strap on a fancy pair of high top sneakers and don’t let that tattoo peek out. They also go with a lot of cool and casual outfits, if that’s your jam – you’re going to love wearing these.

High top sneakers

Keep stress away

Chronic stress is a surefire recipe for inflammation. Try stress management through yoga, or any other method that you’re comfortable with.

Although most stress-inducing situations are beyond your control, you can adapt your response and perception if you learn how to manage stress better. This can help reduce inflammation and also the risk of chronic disease. 

Be flexible rather than being overly focused on one thing

You may have been in this situation too, where you focus on nailing just this one thing like getting all the Develop boosts, that it takes out the extremely important uncertainty factor for your opponents. Your inflexibility comes at the cost of predictable selections.

Even leeching from your opponents will require you to be a little flexible.

Try to aim for a diverse position because it will help you net out the game’s inherent risk factor. It will also allow you to leverage plenty of power cards as compared to a single-minded position. 

Don’t rely on disposables

Yes, they are more convenient. But if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, you’re going to have to step up and put in some effort into washing your dinnerware.

Washing your dishes by hand (the best way to go) or in a dishwasher (preferably energy-efficient) is far more environment-friendly than using disposables.

However, if you must use disposables (sometimes they are necessary) when you’re going for a picnic or something, there are some climate-friendly options (like disposables made out of biodegradable or compostable materials) that you can opt for. If you’re ordering take out from a restaurant and you get a bunch of plastic containers, don’t throw them away. Store them so you can use them later.

Don’t rely on disposables

Search for Rentals Online

The internet is your number one friend and the one place that you'll find hundreds of apartments to rent without having to deal with a third party like a broker. Websites like Craigslist are a great place to find apartments. However, you do have to be careful of spam.

Pass gas if you have to

The build-up of gas puts additional pressure on your bladder besides urine. However, you can alleviate the pressure by passing gas. Passing gas usually puts me in a comfortable position and I tend to hold my pee longer whenever I am waiting in a bathroom queue.

However, you can lose control temporarily if you are attempting it for the first time. If you think you will let your pee out by-passing gas, try making physical adjustments to your body.

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