Best Ways to Win Race for the Galaxy game


Build a card engine

Make sure you have an engine for producing cards. Cards are the currency for a lot of things you want to attain in this game. You typically do not want to repeatedly select the phase Explore late in the game just to get currency for other phases (or even for coming rounds).

Either you can build a card engine via modifiers on developments or worlds ... or you can make sure you regularly produce goods which you can trade.

Written by Brittany Cunningham
3 weeks ago

Have all-phase-options

You only get to decide one phase (or two in 2-player mode). The others are decided by your opponents. Something you cannot control.

It is clever to make sure that you have options to benefit in most phases. Also those you do not chose. That way you do not have to repeatedly just sit-out/pass on a phase while your opponents clearly get things done.

Written by Sylvester Marshall
5 months ago

Build up discounts early

A lot of development cars have discounts for other developments or world settlements. If you manage to get some discount cards in your tableau early you will benefit from it throughout the game. Don't underestimate the power of a cheaper ride.

Written by Jerry Howard
8 months ago

Pay attention to "end game"

Yes, there is a reason why it is called "Race for the galaxy". The end might come sooner than you think and you need to pay attention to that. If you are building up something make sure to benefit from before it is too late - i.e. reap what you've sown.

- The maximum of 12 cards in the tableau is easy to track and you will probably not be taken by surprise there.When any player have 9 or 10 cards you need to start consider end-game strategies.

- The VP-pot going to zero is harder to predict. Especially when any player is having a large produce/consume-engine going the VP:s might end very quickly (especially when they are using the x2-perk). Carefully monitor your opponent as well as the VP-pot.

If you have 6-points-development cards fit for your empire ... make sure they get out on the tableau before it is too late.

Written by Enrique Hunt
6 months ago

Be flexible rather than being overly focused on one thing

You may have been in this situation too, where you focus on nailing just this one thing like getting all the Develop boosts, that it takes out the extremely important uncertainty factor for your opponents. Your inflexibility comes at the cost of predictable selections.

Even leeching from your opponents will require you to be a little flexible.

Try to aim for a diverse position because it will help you net out the game’s inherent risk factor. It will also allow you to leverage plenty of power cards as compared to a single-minded position. 

Written by Patrick Simmons
1 month ago

Look at what your opponents are doing

If you want to win RFTG, it is an absolute necessity that you pay attention to your opponents’ moves. If you don’t, you’re basically setting yourself up for a loss unless you get extremely lucky.

Try to read your opponents’ tableaus, identify what it is that they are trying to do, see if you can foresee their next move, and keep organizing your gameplay so when they do make those moves they will benefit you. 

Written by Shanna Mckinney
1 week ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Win Race for the Galaxy Game?

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