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Make Granola Cookies

Granola cookies are just like oatmeal cookies but with extra nuts and dry fruits. To make granola cookies, you can mix the regular sugar cookie dough with some granola and bake. Adjust the amount of granola in the cookies. A good rule of thumb is half granola and half sugar or chocolate-chip cookie dough. 

Use a Blower Heater

If you are feeling cold at home, you should invest in a heater to keep you warm. A blower heater effectively generates heat inside the room by making the air warmer. Find the right size of a blower heater for your living room or bedroom and get cozy.

Work with a financial advisor

There are two big challenges when one wants to retire young: You have more time to spend in retirement and less time to save for it. Unless you are an experienced investor, I suggest you work with a financial advisor. He might help you build an investment strategy to achieve your retirement goals.

A financial advisor will help you determine the amount that you must invest per month to reach your goal within 20 years. Once you retire, your financial advisor will come up with an income management plan to determine how much you should spend in your retirement age.

Use analogies and stories

Give your audience figures, facts, stats and they will quickly lose interest in your project. However, adding an intriguing yet engaging analogy or story might spice it up. Individuals can feel themselves in the fabric of your story, so make it interesting and worth listening to.

Stories and analogies allow people to extrapolate and extract the exact meaning of your message. They give context to your project’s presentation and add a personal touch. After all, it is a universal fact that humans remember stories more as compared to boring stats and figures.

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