Best Ways to Present a project


Arrive early and prepare beforehand

I always arrive early to present my projects at the college. Some might think that I waste time but it actually helps me to boost my confidence and practice beforehand. Settling at the location of your presentation allows you to deliver better. Other than that, you can always check if all the things are in place and everything you have requested is there.

I usually check out the equipment such as the remote, the projector, the PowerPoint presentation, and the microphone.Arrive early and prepare beforehand

Written by Gracie Meyer
2 years ago

Use analogies and stories

Give your audience figures, facts, stats and they will quickly lose interest in your project. However, adding an intriguing yet engaging analogy or story might spice it up. Individuals can feel themselves in the fabric of your story, so make it interesting and worth listening to.

Stories and analogies allow people to extrapolate and extract the exact meaning of your message. They give context to your project’s presentation and add a personal touch. After all, it is a universal fact that humans remember stories more as compared to boring stats and figures.

Written by Rhoda Robinson
4 months ago

Use visual content

One of the most captivating presentations I had seen was before the pandemic occurred and it is safe to say that I will never forget it, ever. The presenter or the employee of my company was explaining risk management principles and he used the Road Runner cartoon to elaborate it in a better way.

Moreover, he also had supporting visual elements such as graphs, stuffed animal characters pointing at important statistics, and Acme rockets to draw attention to the bullet points. The visual content definitely made the content more engaging and interesting. 

Written by Ricky Little
1 year ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Present a Project?

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