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Adjust the Temperature and Moisture

Old ivory can turn dark or yellow over a period of time because of several reasons. The temperature and humidity are the most common reasons for the change in color and texture of ivory. If you have placed the ivory antiques in a room that occasionally collects steam or reaches a temperature higher than 25 degrees, the ivory is more vulnerable to changes. Changing its place and giving it the right conditions can help prolong its life. In general, a stained ivory antique shows its age, because it tends to change color when it ages.

Adjust the Temperature and Moisture


While it’s natural to think of social media platforms as a go-to for promoting your OnlyFans account, there are several other options that work just as effectively, if not more. Many people have seen terrific success promoting their OnlyFans content on forums such as Reddit.


Forums allow promoting to a much more focused audience because they are generally categorized by interest. This enables you to find a category that aligns well with your OnlyFans content.

While social media platforms offer a larger, broader audience, forums allow you to connect with an audience that is already highly interested in your niche.

With cream sauce

Farfalle, or bowtie, is a wonderful pasta shape that's best suited for cream or tomato-based sauces. One of my personal favorites is in a simple cream sauce.

First, add farfalle to already boiling, salted water. Cook until it's almost reached your desired tenderness. Then add them to a skillet set over medium-high with a bit of butter. Toss to coat with butter, and sprinkle in about a half a cup of freshly grated parmesan. While still tossing, drizzle in about a cup of pasta water, or enough that when tossed thoroughly, it forms a creamy sauce. Add some frozen peas and keep over the heat, stirring constantly, until the peas are cooked through.

This is a basic recipe that can be adapted in any way you like, you can add other cheese if you like, some fresh herbs, or some cooked bacon or chicken if you want a bit of extra protein. Garlic tastes great in it too, just saute it a little in the pan with the butter before you add your pasta.

With cream sauce

Cover the Marks on Your Wall with Mist Coat

Getting a house or even a room renovated can be a difficult job. There are a lot of things and planning that goes into it. Painting the wall with plaster definitely gives the space a new look. At first paint the wall with a mist coat, it can do a pretty job in covering the marks on your wall. The mist coat is made of paint and water mixed. The paint should be 4 times more than the water portion. Now paint over the plaster and then it’s done!

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