Best Ways to Mist coat new plaster


Avoid Using Vinyl Paint as a Mist Coat

Mist coat is the first coat that is painted on the wall before putting on the top coat. The perfect ratio for mist coat is 60% paint and 40% water. The paint should not vinyl paint. As vinyl paint can be peeled off and we want the color to stay. Always check the paint type before applying them. The mist coat should be applied once and then put the top coat. The top coat can be applied twice for best results. 

Written by Wanda Wade
2 months ago

Cover the Marks on Your Wall with Mist Coat

Getting a house or even a room renovated can be a difficult job. There are a lot of things and planning that goes into it. Painting the wall with plaster definitely gives the space a new look. At first paint the wall with a mist coat, it can do a pretty job in covering the marks on your wall. The mist coat is made of paint and water mixed. The paint should be 4 times more than the water portion. Now paint over the plaster and then it’s done!

Written by Sean Walters
2 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Mist Coat New Plaster?

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