Best Ways to Spice up the bedroom


Change Your Bedsheets

A well-made bed can make your bedroom look so much better. If your sheets are neutral and boring, get some fun and colorful bed sheets to spice up your room. You can also match or contrast your bedsheet with the color of the curtains in the room. Get a yellow bedsheet, if your curtains are Zebra print or black and white. Mix and match the colors to suit your style.

A simple addition of colorful cushions to the bed can make the bedroom look super chic sometimes. Find comfortable cushions of your favorite colors and make your bed. You can also create a mix of printed and plain colored cushions to make the room look more stylish.

Change Your Bedsheets

Written by Isabel Roy
6 months ago

Paint a wall in rich color

Choose a dark color that contrasts well with your light-colored walls and paint one wall. I have painted the wall touching my bedroom blue and it really goes well with other walls (cream-white).

Even though I hate dark colors on the wall, the trend is changing quickly. The interior designers are focusing on contrasting walls instead of one-colored walls. A dark-color painted wall does not only catch attention but also adds focus and warmth to the room.

To spice up, even more, you can hang a picture frame or fairy lights.Paint a wall in rich color

Written by Kathy Skinner
2 years ago

Hang a Picture Frame

Even if you are a minimalist, a large and simple picture frame can make the entire room look vibrant. Go for a colorful painting if you want to drive attention towards the painting. Or you can also hand two medium-sized picture frames with your favorite quotes written on them, just above the bed to keep you motivated. 

Written by Jeanne Stephens
1 year ago

Hang plants from the ceiling

This idea might sound weird but plants help to lift your mood. And, for this very reason, plants should be in your room if they are not already there. Nobody is asking you to plant a tree in your room. If you have no balcony and love plants, you can hang them from your room’s ceiling.

It might take some work but the aesthetics they give and the positive vibes you feel are out of this world. You can choose your favorite plants that do not grow much, such as the money plant.Hang plants from the ceiling

Written by Faye Cummings
1 year ago

Make a cozy corner

A bedroom is your oasis and you have all the rights to spice it up a little bit. It is your personal space and you can use it to make a corner where you can curl up and feel cozy at the end of the day. You won’t have to find a couch in the lounge anymore.

You can build a cozy theme of your own. Think about all the things you would want to feel the coziest on your worst days. A comforter? Your favorite book? A scented candle? A couch, maybe?

Written by Moises West
8 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Spice Up the Bedroom?

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