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Avoid Replacement Addictive Behavior

The psychological and neurological processes of all addictive behaviors are the same. This is why people who give up smoking or drinking addiction find themselves eating obsessively. This behavior stems from underlying mental health problems and a constant urge to seek pleasure. To quit drugs once and for all it is also important to stop all kinds of addictions and fix the underlying problem causing the addiction. To avoid such addictions, one needs to find satisfaction and contentment from normal life experiences. 

Have all-phase-options

You only get to decide one phase (or two in 2-player mode). The others are decided by your opponents. Something you cannot control.

It is clever to make sure that you have options to benefit in most phases. Also those you do not chose. That way you do not have to repeatedly just sit-out/pass on a phase while your opponents clearly get things done.

Using Canva

Canva is one of the best tools out there for folks that aren't too handy with complex graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop. Canva sort of dumbs down the process and provides an easy-to-use interface with premade designs and ideas that even the most amateur designers can use to create amazing posters. If you're looking to create a poster and don't have the technical knowledge of difficult software, Canva will definitely help you out a lot.

Number Things

The best way to organize everything in a Google Classroom is to number things. It makes it much easier to manage things for both you and your students. Just think about it. What's easier? Asking students about why they didn't submit the assignment on the theory of relativity or just asking them why didn't they submit assignment 2? Proper numbering will make life easier for everyone.

Color Your hair

Coloring the hair is by far the best way to dramatically change your hair and appearance. If you are bored with how you look overall, go for bold hair color. It is not necessary to dye your hair like a rainbow to make them look different but there are so many natural and fashionable colors that can look good.

The great thing about coloring your hair is that you can do it yourself at home too. Unless you want professional highlights, you can pull off hair dye at home. If you are going for chocolate brown hair dye and you are blonde, buy the hair dye and do it at home in just 30 minutes. Ask a friend to help you apply it so that you don’t miss any hair. A simple hair dye shouldn't be very expensive so you can also go to a salon if you are on a budget.

Color Your hair

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