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Round Two

If you are in Miami, LA, or NYC – walk into a Round Two store with the pair of shoes you want to sell (or even clothing for that matter). Round Two will instantly give you a price that it is willing to buy for and pay you the cash. 

If you are a master negotiator, you may be able to get a more favorable deal, too.

Do not sweep the floor

Hardwood floors easily catch dust particles. Nobody likes a dusty floor. In this case you might think that sweeping is the best way to get rid of these dusts. But it will further spread the dust everywhere. So sweeping is a bad idea. You can use a mop to easily clean off the dust. Spilling some water will increase the effectiveness of the mops dust catching ability. You can add a dusting agent in the mop if you want. Just make sure it does not contain any harmful chemical for hardwood.

Think in categories

Choose one or two broad categories like “name of the plants”, “ice cream flavors”, or “football teams.” Make a mental list of all the names and sub-categories you can remember from each category.

Communicate with the business owner

Designing a logo is not as simple as it seems. A significant meaning should be hidden behind even the most minimalistic designs. And that takes some work on the designer’s part. Keep close communication with the business owner you’re designing the logo to better understand the business needs and objectives. Be sure to project them on the logo. The best way to begin is to understand why you need the logo in the first place. 

Vanilla on a Bulb

This idea may sound a bit crazy but it works. To make a room in your house smell nice, find a light bulb that you can reach, it can be a table lamp’s bulb. Clean the bulb and with your hands rub some vanilla extract on the bulb. Do not use too much vanilla extract. Light the bulb when done. The heat from the light bulb will help spread the vanilla scent across the room and make the atmosphere cozy and smell delightful. 

Be Obssessed

You cannot possibly ever think about becoming a billionaire without being obsessed with the work you're going to do. Starting a business, pursuing an idea, or working towards a certain goal that can make you a billionaire can take up years of constant effort before it starts generating a profit, let alone a great one. Set your sights on success and work towards it day and night until you succeed. If it was easy, the whole world would be full of billionaires.

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