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Try Baking Soda and Vinegar

Mix 1/3rd cup of baking soda and vinegar each in a measuring cup. You’ll see it fizz almost instantly – but don’t hold up, quickly pour it down your clogged drain. The fizzing action is helpful in removing hair, gunk, and grime that’s been clogging your drain. Let it sit for at least an hour, or even through the night if possible. Flush the drain with some hot water and that should clear things up. You could also try to first put baking soda down your drain, and then chase it with some vinegar.

Use technology to your advantage

While teaching online does come with a set of challenges, it also brings with it a whole bunch of cool tools that you can use to keep your students engaged. Tools like virtual games, discussion boards, file editors, drawing tools, etc. could really liven up your online lessons.

Before you use these tools, though, be sure to familiarize your students (if they're young) with them so they feel confident about using them. Kids love rewards and they’re likely going to jump up at the thought of getting a few minutes' worth of playtime with a drawing tool. 

Organize Folders by App Type

The most obvious way to organize your apps is to divide them into folders purposefully. The number of folders you will need depends on how many applications you have, what they do, and how often you access them.

Organize Folders by App Type

It is best to create your own organization system adapted to your workflow. Take a look at your apps and find out how you can group them in a practical and meaningful way.

In a teapot

If you're making tea for more than one person, the best way to brew it is in a teapot.

First, boil your water. Different kinds of teas have different levels of sensitivity to heat and may scald and taste bitter if brewed with water that's too hot. For best results, use this as a guide:

Green (matcha, hojicha): 150-180°F

White: 160°F

Black (earl grey, English breakfast): 180-212°F

Oolong: 190-200°F

Pu-erh: 202-212°F

Herbal (chamomile, peppermint): 212°F

While the water is boiling, add one heaping teaspoon of tea leaves per cup, plus one extra for the pot (If you're making five cups, that's six teaspoons).

Once your water is up to the appropriate temperature, gently pour it into your teapot, making sure to soak all the tea leaves. Allow to steep for at least a minute, but no more than five minutes. Pour into teacups, add milk and sugar if desired, and enjoy!

Avoid caffeine six hours before going to sleep

Almost everyone loves coffee, but caffeine keeps your mind active and keeps you from sleeping. So, lay off your coffee six hours before your bedtime to sleep better. Research says that the more coffee you drink, the poorer your quality of sleep gets.

Avoid caffeine six hours before going to sleep

Take her to a Picnic at the Beach

People who like to spend time alone don’t want a lot of attention from others. If your girlfriend is also one of those private people and likes to spend time with you or alone, ask her to go on a picnic with you. Pack your stuff, the night before and go to the beach in the earliest hours of the morning when there are not many people around. You can also watch the sun come up and propose to her. She’ll be surprised how a simple picnic and a peaceful beach can become one of the best memories for her. 

Take her to a Picnic at the Beach

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