Best Ways to Make coffee


French Press

Pour the coarse ground coffee into the carafe, then fill with boiling water before quickly stirring. After waiting four minutes for the coffee to steep, replace the lid and slowly push the plunger down to separate the coffee grounds. You can decide to serve immediately (or transfer to a separate carafe), as the coffee will continue to brew and become more bitter if left in the press for too long.

Written by Jodi Clark
9 months ago

Pour over

Pour Over coffee has a rich and robust taste that will help you kickstart your morning. It takes 5 minutes to make one cup of coffee. Follow these instructions to make your pour-over coffee.

-       Place a paper filter on your pour-over cup

-       Pour boiled water on the paper filter to remove any paper taste from it.

-       Now add 21 grams of medium-fine grind to the filter.

-       Pour hot water on the grounds and let them bloom and release their flavors.

-       Now add more water till the mug is full. 

Written by Edna Barry
3 years ago


If you need the best beverage known to mankind as soon you hop out the bed, the drip method is your best bet of waking up to a cup of joe ready to start a wonderful day.

Fill up your coffee maker’s reservoir with some water and the filter with some grounds. When you turn the machine on, the water will heat up and flow into the filter and through the coffee grounds. What’s next? The precious liquid collects into the cup below, hot and ready to be served.


Written by Brian Dyer
6 months ago


Simply insert a paper filter into the plastic cap before wetting the filter and cap with hot water, then empty the water. Twist the filter cap on the Aeropress chamber and place it securely over a mug or jug. Add ground coffee in the chamber, then add water and stir. Insert the plunger and press gently until the plunger hits the ground.

Written by Eileen Williamson
4 months ago

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