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Don't close credit cards that you are not using

If you open a credit account with some bank, don’t try to close it if you are not using it. As this will reduce down the average age of all your credit accounts, which will affect the credit score. If you are taking any branded credit card for just one or two purchases, try to avoid it. 

If you are not using a card, don’t close it. Instead, put your subscriptions like Netflix or any utility bills on your credit card. So that the card is used regularly and it will help you build your credit history.

Wash your hands frequently

Coronavirus is highly contagious and widespread around the globe, so everything you touch has the potential to be contaminated. Doorknobs, phones, and grocery baskets all can be potential germ-carriers.

The best way to combat this is to wash your hands thoroughly and often. Make sure to use soap and wash for at least twenty seconds, making sure to get your palms, the back of your hands, and in between your fingers. Use whatever water temperature is comfortable for you, as it is the soap that is important for disease prevention. Using cold water, however, can help to prevent dryness of the skin from frequent hand washing.

Make double-cooked potatoes

As a personal opinion, the very best way to cook potatoes is to double-cook them.

These are best made with a bigger, thicker-skinned, starchy potato, like a russet.

Peel your potatoes, and cut into big chunks (about 3 inches across - they'll shrink) and place into a pot of heavily salted cold water. Set your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or 230 degrees Celsius. Boil the potatoes until a fork can very easily pass through them. Drain the water.

Transfer the potatoes to a large metal bowl and add olive oil and salt, tossing to combine, and adding just enough to coat all of the potatoes. Place the potatoes on a baking sheet and bake until golden brown and crispy on the edges, occasionally flipping the potatoes to cook evenly.

This yields beautifully crispy, crunchy, and pillowy potatoes. Great served as a side with a roast of any kind.

Curry Powder

For an Indian-inspired scrambled eggs recipe, chop some green onions, coriander, and tomatoes. Throw in the vegetables when cooking and sprinkle a dash of curry powder, salt, and pepper for spicing up the scrambled eggs. You can also use some red chili powder if you can tolerate a bit of spice.

Curry Powder

Tweak your diet

Your diet influences how you smell. Consuming onion and garlic may be good from the nutrition perspective, but consuming too much can leave you with an unpleasant body odor. The smell will also last for quite some time depending on how much of it you’ve been putting in your system.

Tweak your diet

In fact, it might also interfere with how perfumes work with your body, so tweaking your diet is essential. Vegetables and fruits that are rich in protein are excellent foods way to keep your body smelling fresh. 

Add protein, carbs, and fats to your diet

Protein-rich foods are an excellent way to build lean muscle mass when you’re trying to gain weight. So, stock up on soybean, nuts, whey protein, and other protein-heavy foods when you shop for groceries.

It’s important to have a bare minimum of three wholesome meals every day. In those meals, try to add a healthy dose of high-carb and high-fat foods such as oats, bananas, blueberries, dark chocolate, sweet potatoes, etc. to gain weight quickly. 

Type of Tea

The Tea brewing process can depend on the type of Tea. The usual ratio is one teaspoon to a hot teacup or two teaspoons to a cup of ice tea. Therefore, a 1-liter teapot requires about four teaspoons of hot tea. No need to brew it longer, but add an extra teaspoon and cook for the recommended time. If milk is added to black tea, it should be boiled for as long as possible.

Don't forget to keep the milk for black tea. It is best to drink white, green, and herbs immediately. White tea, green tea, and oolong tea should be 80 ° C, so mix only 20% cold water and 80% boiling water. Pour some hot water into a kettle or cup and discard. This will prevent the tea set from cooling too quickly.

Stop Playing the Blame Game

When you and your loved one are going through problems, it is very easy to start blaming each other. When you are ready to apologize, understand the position of the person you want to apologize to. Stop blaming them and be empathetic. Apologize in a way that shows compassion and empathy. There is no point in apologizing if the apology contains or is followed by blaming.Stop Playing the Blame Game

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