Best Ways to Obtain foreign currency



If your work schedule doesn’t allow you to visit the bank during working hours, you could visit an ATM for obtaining foreign currency. However, withdrawing foreign currency from an ATM may come with a fee.

Be sure to check how much it might cost you. If it’s quite significant, you may just want to withdraw the minimum amount that you need.


Written by Marcy Graham
3 months ago

Travelers’ checks

Most banks and credit unions will issue traveler’s checks for you upon request, but they do come with a fee. They’re an excellent way to get your foreign exchange once you’re out of the country because they can be readily encashed and you can always get more checks if you lose your traveler’s checks.

Written by Robert Thomas
2 days ago

Get in touch with your bank

Banks and credit unions can help you with getting foreign currency. In fact, there are financial institutions that will order and ship the currency to their customers’ doorstep. While this offers convenience, you might end up paying a lot for these services.

A less expensive way to go about this process will be to visit the local branch of your bank and get the foreign currency yourself.

Get in touch with your bank

Written by Paula Maldonado
2 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Obtain Foreign Currency?

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