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To Monticello with a stop for some exercising

When going from Dalton to Monticello first visit Huricane Creek Shooting Range to break some sweat. Finally stop by Baskin-Robbins for some tasty sorbet!


Huricane Creek Shooting Range
Hurrican Shooting Range Road, Ellaville, AL
Mississippi Highway 328, Markette, MS 38655
The best route to Monticello from Dalton

Spice things up

Remember the last time you gulped down a bunch of jalapenos or you put a ton of Tabasco in your sandwich? Do you also remember the sweating that followed? Although that may have been a mistake, you can learn from it and apply it when you feel cold and want to warm up. Spicy foods are an excellent way to warm up your body, as long as you don’t have ulcers. Spicy diets are actually pretty healthy, but be sure to do it in moderation. 

Spice things up

A nice route to Cleveland from Bellwood

While going from Bellwood to Cleveland I suggest you first of all stop at Sheetz for a little something to eat. Secondly pay a visit to YMCA Annex for a nice experience! After that stop by Mosquito Lake Fishing Area for training!

PA 16617
380 Philadelphia Street, Indiana, PA 15701
YMCA Annex
Armstrong Trail, Kittanning, PA 16201
Midway Street, Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Mosquito Lake Fishing Area
Klondike, Trumbull, OH
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Pioneer Trail, Hiram Township, OH 44234
The best route to Cleveland from Bellwood

Split Evenly

The most basic way to split the bill is by splitting it evenly. If there are two people living in an apartment, they'll both have to pay 50% regardless of the amount of space they're using. If you're living conditions are completely split into two, splitting the rent 50-50 is the best idea.


If your work schedule doesn’t allow you to visit the bank during working hours, you could visit an ATM for obtaining foreign currency. However, withdrawing foreign currency from an ATM may come with a fee.

Be sure to check how much it might cost you. If it’s quite significant, you may just want to withdraw the minimum amount that you need.


These were my stops from Smyrna to Searsport

Driving from Smyrna to Searsport make sure to first stop at Battenkill Valley Creamery for some awesome sorbet. Finally look in on Station 10 (unmaintained) for some training!

Battenkill Valley Creamery
Black Creek Road, Town of Salem, NY 12823
Station 10 (unmaintained)
Fitness Loop, Laconia, NH 03246
ME 04974
The best route to Searsport from Smyrna

A nicer trip to Atlanta from Dillard

Driving from Dillard to Atlanta I suggest first make a stop at Sweet Beans for some tasty frozen yoghurt! Finally stop at Baskin-Robbins for an ice cream.

Give it a try!

Sweet Beans
Shelby Street, Jamestown, KY 42629
12418 La Grange Road, Louisville, KY 40253
The best route to Atlanta from Dillard

These were my stops from Hickman to Franklin

When going from Hickman to Franklin stop at Vintage Tea Room for a caffeine boost!

KY 42050
Vintage Tea Room
316 East Main Street, Belleville, IL 62220
The best route to Franklin from Hickman

A nicer way to Lake Park from Odessa

When going to Lake Park from Odessa I suggest first of all stop at Colchester Hills Farm LLC. It's a nice stop. Then look in on Brockton Pl. for a leg stretcher!

DE 19730
Colchester Hills Farm LLC
9903 Old Colchester Road, Lorton, VA 22079
Brockton Pl.
Brockton Place, Danville, VA 24541
Lake Park
The best route to Lake Park from Odessa

A nice way from Damascus to Stockton

If going from Damascus to Stockton I suggest you visit Jarrettsville Creamery & Deli for a lunch or dinner.

MD 20872
Jarrettsville Creamery & Deli
1747 West Jarrettsville Road, Jarrettsville, MD 21084
14 East Chestnut Street, West Chester, PA 19380
NJ 08559:18938
The best route to Stockton from Damascus

A nice trip to Torrey from Mountain Home

Ok!, Going from Mountain Home to Torrey make sure to make a stop at Subway for a great dinner!

Mountain Home
Tesla Supercharger
Wendover Boulevard, West Wendover, NV 98993
Doolittle Avenue, Dugway, UT 84022
The best route to Torrey from Mountain Home

To Craigsville with some sporting added

While going from Ila to Craigsville a way would be to first stop at Spindale House to break some sweat! Finally visit Collett Street Pool for a nice experience.

Simple and sweet.

Spindale House
119 Tanner Street, Spindale, NC 28160
Collett Street Pool
North College Street, Morganton, NC 28655
The best route to Craigsville from Ila

Why not this trip?

If driving from Johnson to Raymond a way would be to make a stop at Country Inn & Suites for the night!

victory life church
South Park Drive, Broken Bow, OK 74728
Country Inn & Suites
2413 West Hillsboro Street, El Dorado, AR 71730
The best route to Raymond from Johnson

Practice relaxation exercises

Relaxation exercises are very helpful in reducing anxiety and racing thoughts. Exercise helps in progressive muscle relaxation. Go through each muscle and relax it. Start with your feet. Relax your toes and move up to calves, knees, thighs, stomach, chest, shoulders, hands, and then move to your mouth, nose, eyes, ears, and head. Do this while deep breathing and your mind will relax and you will fall asleep soon.

These were my stops to Gainesville from Jonestown

When driving from Jonestown to Gainesville this is my suggestion.

MS 38639
Winona High School JJ Knox Gym
Powell Street, Winona, MS 38967
The best route to Gainesville from Jonestown

To Devens with a stop for a place worth some time

When driving to Devens from Metuchen this is my preferred way: first of all hit Grumman ave/ Merritt pkwy bridge, it is worth it! Finally stop at Buckland Hills Mall for shopping.

NJ 08840
Grumman ave/ Merritt pkwy bridge
Grumman Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06851
Buckland Hills Mall
Ring Road, Manchester, CT 06042
MA 01434
The best route to Devens from Metuchen

These were my stops going to Anderson

Going from Tyrone Township to Anderson make sure to first visit Market House Supermarket for shopping. Then visit St. Mary's overlook Deck. It is a great stop!

Tyrone Township
Market House Supermarket
325 Railroad Street, Hudson, MI 49247
St. Mary's overlook Deck
Spy Run Avenue, Fort Wayne, IN 46805
The best route to Anderson from Tyrone Township

A nice trip to Summit

If driving from Watab to Summit this is my preferred way: look in on Paynesville Inn & Suites for the night!

A better one.

Paynesville Inn & Suites
700 Dieckman Drive, Paynesville, MN 56362
The best route to Summit from Watab

To Riverside with some shopping added

While driving from Askov to Riverside first stop by Heartland Cranberry Mall for good shopping! Next pay a visit to Westbridge Neighborhood Pool.

Heartland Cranberry Mall
Sam Walton Avenue, Tomah, WI 54660
Westbridge Neighborhood Pool
Westbridge Trail, Waunakee, WI 53597
The best route to Riverside from Askov

Why not this trip?

If driving to Vail from Ashland I suggest first hit The Scoop for something handy to eat! Lastly make a stop at Walmart Supercenter for getting yourself some small treats :-).

KS 67831
The Scoop
Delaware Street, Jewell, KS 66949
Walmart Supercenter
3620 North 6th Street, Beatrice, NE 68310
The best route to Vail from Ashland

The way to East Brewton

While going to East Brewton from McCrory this is my preferred way: first pay a visit to Lady Charger Softball Field for some exercising! After that make a stop at MWR Gym for some sweat.

Lady Charger Softball Field
Fairground Road, Grenada, MS 38901
Allen Road, Lauderdale County, MS 39309
East Brewton
The best route to East Brewton from McCrory

A good route from Perrinton to Blandinsville

When going to Blandinsville from Perrinton this is my preferred way: first stop at Roberts Temple Church of God in Christ. Then stop by Anytime Fitness to get the pulse up!!

Roberts Temple Church of God in Christ
4021 South State Street, Lake Township, IL 60609
Anytime Fitness
4100 Columbus Street, Ottawa, IL 61350
IL 61420
The best route to Blandinsville from Perrinton

A nicer way from West Lafayette to Village of Raymond

When going to Village of Raymond from West Lafayette first hit Baskin-Robbins for some tasty gelato. Then visit Aldi for good shopping! Next stop at Dairy Queen to fill up some energy!

West Lafayette
3252 Vollmer Road, Olympia Fields, IL 60461
Cedar Avenue, Hammond, IN 46327
Dairy Queen
600 Central Avenue, Highland Park, IL 60035
Village of Raymond
WI 53126
The best route to Village of Raymond from West Lafayette

The best way to Fairview

While going to Fairview from Toledo I suggest first make a stop at Rocky's Coffee Corner LLC for a little something to eat! Then stop by Edward W. Saint Pierre House. Third visit Red Lion Hotels for a small treat! Next hit Donald Manson's Barn, it is great! Next visit Clackamas Town Center for a leg stretcher and some shopping!

Other suggestions?

OR 97391
Rocky's Coffee Corner LLC
38730 North Main Street, Scio, OR 97374
Edward W. Saint Pierre House
Dan Avenue Northwest, Salem, OR 97304
Red Lion Hotels
2535 Northeast Cumulus Avenue, McMinnville, OR 97128
Donald Manson's Barn
Champoeg Road Northeast, Marion County, OR 97020
Clackamas Town Center
12000 Southeast 82nd Avenue, Clackamas, OR 97086
OR 97024
The best route to Fairview from Toledo

To Bellemeade from Oak Ridge

While driving to Bellemeade from Oak Ridge this is a nice way: first of all hit Pizza Hut for awesome food. Secondly visit Wise Municipal Swimming Pool for a cool off in the pool! After that visit Fayette Mall for shopping.

Safe driving!

Oak Ridge
Oak Ridge, NC 27310
Pizza Hut
North Main Street, Marion, VA 24354
Wise Municipal Swimming Pool
Varner Street Southeast, Wise, VA 24293
Fayette Mall
Mall Road, Lexington, KY 40503-4416
The best route to Bellemeade from Oak Ridge

A nicer way to New Hyde Park

If going from Stewartstown to New Hyde Park I suggest you first of all stop at view. I liked it! Then visit Colony Mill for some shopping. Then visit Planet Fitness, it is good.

NH 03597
North Cube Spur, Orford, NH
Colony Mill
222 West Street, Keene, NH 03431
Planet Fitness
Miller Street, Torrington, CT 06790
New Hyde Park
NY 11040:11530
The best route to New Hyde Park from Stewartstown

A nicer way to Frystown

If going to Frystown from Pinetops I suggest stop at Taco Bell for a some food!

NC 27864
Taco Bell
James Madison Parkway, King George County, VA 22448
The best route to Frystown from Pinetops

Oceanside Table

This is what happens in the movies. So, if she is the person who would want or like an extravagant proposal, hire an event planner to set an oceanside table, arrange food and use plenty of lights or flowers depending on the time of the day. You can also invite a pianist or a music band for live music to make it extremely romantic. 

My fav stops going to Evansville

When driving to Evansville from Cedar Lake this is a nice way: first of all visit WEST Superior Training to get the pulse up!! After that stop by The Point for a great dinner. Lastly stop at Meg's for something handy to eat.

Cedar Lake
IN 46303
WEST Superior Training
7580 Quincy Street, Willowbrook, IL 60527
The Point
38 East Higgins Road, Gilberts, IL 60136
McFarland Road, Rockford, IL 61111
WI 53536
The best route to Evansville from Cedar Lake

From Hereford to Sterling

Going to Sterling from Hereford make sure to first of all stop at Scenic Overlook - Spruce Run Reservoir. I liked it! Finally hit Yankee Candle for getting yourself some small treats :-).

Scenic Overlook - Spruce Run Reservoir
Pink, High Bridge, NJ 08829
Yankee Candle
775 Main Street South, Southbury, CT 06488
MA 01564
The best route to Sterling from Hereford

My fav stops to Lake View from Washington Park

If driving from Washington Park to Lake View first pay a visit to Wolf Creek Estates Pool for a quick swim in in the pool! Secondly stop by Knox County Fitness Center for some training. Then visit Centerville City Pool for great training! Finally hit Casey's General Store for a little something to eat.

Washington Park
Wolf Creek Estates Pool
West 194th Terrace, Spring Hill, KS
Knox County Fitness Center
North 4th, Edina, MO 63537
Centerville City Pool
West Lane Street, Centerville, IA 52544
Casey's General Store
975 North Chestnut Avenue, Earlham, IA 50072
Lake View
IA 51450
The best route to Lake View from Washington Park

To Marquette from Marengo

Going from Marengo to Marquette first of all visit Quality Inn for a small treat. Secondly hit Sesquincentennial Overlook for a leg stretcher! Next stop by Steam Anchor Coffee & Cafe for a caffeine boost.

Quality Inn
South 3rd Street, Terre Haute, IN 47802
Sesquincentennial Overlook
Naperville, IL
Steam Anchor Coffee & Cafe
1310 17th Street, Fulton, IL 61252
IA 52158
The best route to Marquette from Marengo

Use the Internet

In today’s digital age, everything can be done from the palm of your hand. Gone are the days of cold calling and looking in the newspaper for job advertisements. Keep up with the times and start doing your recruiting online. There are a variety of websites you can use to start the recruiting process. Some of these are LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter. Each of these allows you to network with professionals looking for a new job.

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