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In your kitchen

Composting is a great way of making the most of your food scraps. Keeping a bin in your kitchen, to later be disposed of in your garden, is a great start. All natural scraps, such as fruit peels, carrot tops, and onion skins can be reintroduced to your plants as an all-natural fertilizer, all while reducing your carbon footprint. The scraps should then be buried in a trench about a foot deep so that they can properly decompose. Burying the scraps reduces smell while also deterring pets and pests from getting into the rotting food.

Avoid composting things like meat, oils, dairy, and bread products, as they can go rancid, attract pests, and ruin your entire compost heap before it even begins.

Get in touch with your bank

Banks and credit unions can help you with getting foreign currency. In fact, there are financial institutions that will order and ship the currency to their customers’ doorstep. While this offers convenience, you might end up paying a lot for these services.

A less expensive way to go about this process will be to visit the local branch of your bank and get the foreign currency yourself.

Get in touch with your bank

Build a relationship of words with other words

This is the best way to teach students how two or more words have similar or opposite meanings. Take them through antonyms, synonyms, and idioms that build concepts and help them to enhance their lexical stores.

Whenever I give vocabulary classes to my children, I set a period for word study as well. I provide them with graphic tables and organizers to build connections between words and even make comparisons. Another technique, collocation has the same approach and helps to understand the context of each word.

Use the GoPro WebCam Desktop Utility

GoPros are compatible with their own webcam desktop utility that can be downloaded from here. The application is still in beta mode for Windows users. However, it still has a pretty stable build on the OS. Mac version of the utility works flawlessly.

Once you have the application downloaded and installed, all you need to do is hook up your Hero9 with a USB-C cable and select the GoPro as your preferred capturing device.

A detailed step-by-step walkthrough of the process can be found at a community post on the GoPro website here.

Never Just say Hi

If you want a good conversation, you will have to work on your opening. You should never just say “Hi”. It’s boring and such texts are most likely to be ignored. It's a fact that 95 percent of such conversations go nowhere. On top of that, it makes the situation awkward making the guy think “why is she texting me?”

You need to be creative with your texts. The perfect opening of the conversation is something that will create a back and forth conversation.

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