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Buy a ceiling fan

Ceiling fans are excellent for warding off pests like mosquitoes and flies, both of which hate being blown away by the strong wind.

Although, this works on during the summer months. During winter, you might need other alternatives unless you want to freeze yourself.

Buy a ceiling fan


There are hundreds of thousands of words that you can use to describe yourself. You are a unique human being and are in no way like any other that is why you have so much to tell about yourself. When you are asked to describe yourself, take into account the setting and the person you are talking to.

If you are describing who you are to someone at a party, tell them what your profession is and what you like to do after work. Keep it short and sweet.

But, if you are at a job interview, describe how you are in the field. What are the rules and the goals that drive you? 

Read children's book in Spanish

Reading a children's book is also a good method to learn Spanish. Children's books' vocabulary is easy to understand and it is a good way of learning the culture and language of Spain.

Read children's book in Spanish


Rewards are tangible proof of your gratitude. Reward them with gift cards, public recognition, plaques, another challenging project, certificates, or more responsibility – all of these are excellent rewards. Or you could keep things simple and send them a handwritten note appreciating their efforts on an important project. 

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