Best Ways to Handle a disgruntled customer


Say the customer’s name often

Everybody loves to hear their name. When you use the customer’s name during the conversation, you’re able to greatly personalize your interaction with them.

In addition to showing the customer that you care, it also lets them know that you’re just another person like them working at a company. Using their name also shows that you respect them and are willing to work with them to solve the issue. 

Written by Ellen Dawson
3 months ago

Use a calm tone

Don’t let your customer’s words provoke you. You might feel angry and feel like you want to yell back, but avoid doing that at all costs because that will escalate the situation further.

Don’t let the customer’s anger get the better of you. Stay calm, and move the conversation forward in a more productive manner. It’s also helpful if you’re able to take a few moments to think about your answer before you communicate it.

Use a calm tone 

Written by Gloria Watkins
6 months ago

Apologize sincerely

Acknowledging your customer’s grievance and accepting your mistake goes a long way when dealing with an angry customer. You must also apologize, and be thorough in your approach.

Apologize sincerely

Rather than saying “I’m sorry for the inconvenience” try “I apologize that your delivery was delayed, this is not the customer service we are aiming for and I understand this must have caused frustration. I spoke to the supervisor and the thing is…”

Being thorough with your apology will communicate to your customer that you value them and understand how they’re feeling. However, it’s best to keep your explanation concise. Explain briefly, and move forward. 

Written by Carolina Massey
7 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Handle a Disgruntled Customer?

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