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Slow down while eating

The pace at which you have your food influences what you eat and your weight. According to ample research, fast eaters have a 115% more chance of getting obese or gaining weight as compared to slow eaters. How full your tummy gets, how much you eat, and your appetite, all are controlled by your hormones. So, whenever you feel hungry or full, your brain sends a signal.

But your brain takes about 20 to 25 minutes to receive the ‘I am full’ message. So, eating slowly will give your brain the time to interpret that you are full now. Slow down while eating

Stay Calm and Focused

People today are burned out at work, overwhelmed, and overworked. We often feel like we need a break, if not a reward for the hard work and efforts we put in. The truth is, using drugs only makes life more stressful. However, people fail to recognize this fact at the moment.

To avoid drug abuse, find other ways to reduce life pressure or feel less stressed. You can read a good book, plan a small getaway, volunteer for something, or exercise. Anything relaxing and positive helps to keep the drugs at bay.

Take part in online surveys

Many research companies are paying for participating in their surveys. Filling in each survey takes approximately 5 minutes. By spending 5 minutes you can make a considerable amount of money for such a small task. Some surveys pay out upto $5 for completion. It is a great way for students to make money in their spare time. As there are no commitments, students can focus on their studies and also earn money on their spare times. You can search the web to find many surveys that pay you money for participating.

Portray Your Achievements

You are a unique human being and you have done numerous things in life that you are proud of. When writing your resume help the employer look at those achievements and your determination to succeed through your words. Employers value determination and hard-working skills in their employees, if you have the skills, use the right way to express them.

Use platforms to search jobs

If you want to come across a large number of jobs efficiently, try online job search platforms. Top job search engines allow you to seek jobs based on your area, residence, wage, location, keyword, experience, and qualification.

If possible, you can upload your resume and CV on your profile so you can get noticed easily. Using job search platforms is convenient because you get to use filters to search for the most convenient jobs. However, it might take time if you have hard luck. Just be sure to check notifications and job alerts regularly.

Use twisted wire connectors

In case you do not have a heat shrink, you can always use wire connectors. Twisted wire connectors are the best connectors. Simply bring the exposed parts of the two wires together but do not twist them. Then place the cap on the exposed part and twist the connector clockwise for about 5 seconds. That should be enough. If the wires are still loose, then twist clockwise for more time until they are tight and secure. That is how you can easily splice two wires with twisted connectors.

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