Best Ways to Control diabetes


Portion control

Portion control is an extremely effective way to avoid weight gain – consequently reducing the risk of diabetes. Excess body weight makes it difficult to control blood sugar levels, so it's important to check your weight to control diabetes.

Portion control

Portion control may leave you slightly hungry at first, but as time passes, the same amount of food will fill you up. This will significantly help you manage your blood sugar levels and control diabetes.

Written by Stephanie Collins
5 months ago

Ditch alcohol

If you’re already taking insulin or diabetes medications like meglitinides or sulfonylureas, consuming alcohol can cause your blood sugar to drop to dangerously low levels. Drinking alcohol makes your liver work on removing the alcohol from your blood instead of focusing on the regulation of blood sugar.

If you absolutely must drink, switch to a wine spritzer or light beer.

Cutting back your alcohol consumption will also help you resist the urge to overeat. This will bring you other physical benefits as well, in the form of reduced weight – which also helps control diabetes. 

Written by Maggie Harvey
2 months ago

Get rid of stress

Stress is a silent killer. Among the many negative effects, is its tendency to increase blood sugar levels. This can be particularly bad if you already have diabetes.

Stress causes the body to increase certain hormones in your bloodstream that increase your blood sugar levels.

Get rid of stress

To control diabetes, you must practice stress-control by regular exercises, yoga, meditation, or other relaxation techniques. Clinical evidence strongly suggests that reducing stress levels is an effective way to control diabetes.

Written by Violet Williams
2 years ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Control Diabetes?

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