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Add it To Smoothies

If you are drinking kale or spinach smoothies regularly, apple cider vinegar can be a great addition to your smoothies. Start with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a large glass of smoothie. When you start to like the flavor and your gut is ready, double the amount. It can help keep your gut healthy, cut fat, and lower cholesterol.

Add it To Smoothies

Don’t Clear the Driveway with a Hose

Cleaning the driveway with a water hose can waste as much as a hundred gallons of water or more. If you have to clean the driveway, use a brush or blower to clear it. You can also spread the water around and clean the driveway with a wiper. You might have to make an effort but you will be conserving many gallons of water at once.

Eliminating the gender gap

A 2016 study on internet usage suggested that there are 250 million more men online than women. The lion’s share of women who are not online belong to the Arab states and Africa.

Eliminating the gender gap

In order to narrow the digital divide, it is imperative that women receive special attention so that more women are able to access the internet.

What’s more, in low-income countries, there are more women without mobile phones than men. This pushes the problem further down the spiral of complexity. Government, as well as non-Government entities, must assume the responsibility of close this gap.

Additionally, dealing with problems like poverty and spreading awareness among the public will also further the larger goal of narrowing the digital divide.

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