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Play Patiently

Fortnite is a game that requires patience. However, the most patience required in the entire game is when you're about to drop. A lot of newbies get impatient and hot-drop right off the bat. Some would argue that hot-dropping teaches you the game pretty quickly since you're put in match-ups with people who know what they're doing. However, I would disagree. Hot-drops are a good way to learn the game but only when you have the fundamental basics understood. If you're just starting off the game, try dropping to the edge of the map to really get a feel for the game. Try out the guns, practice your 90s, fight whatever little players you can without getting third partied. Your gameplay will really improve with this strategy.

Properly lubricate the inside

How does a padlock work? With a key, that has an unique arrangement of metal patterns that rotates the gears inside the lock. In order for a lock to properly work, these gears need to rotate without any interference. Because of long term use, these internal gears may get stuck because of dust and rust. Using a Graphite lube is the best solution for lubricating the gears. Simply put one or two drops in the key-hole and repeatedly enter and pull out the key from the hole. Every time wipe out the debris from the key and the hole.

Distract yourself

Instead of sitting and thinking about how urgently you need to pee, focus on the surroundings. Feel the warmth of your sun or the rate of your breathing. You can also direct your focus towards the children playing or the people walking. Whenever I need to pee in the park, I usually distract myself with the sound of bees and the light breeze touching my face.

If you are at a place where you can sit on the ground, try meditating or repeating a mantra. You can also try deep breathing exercises.

If I can’t concentrate on my surroundings, I meditate by squeezing the muscles around my urethra to control the pee. Distract yourself

Wear a Hoodie or Pair of Pants with Zipped Pockets

If you are heading out for a quick run and want to keep your phone with you to listen to music, wear a hoodie that has zipped pockets. Zipped pockets can keep your phone safe and can also allow you to listen to music if you are using earphones that has a cable connector. Leave a cm of the zip unzipped to let the wire stay out if you have to listen to music or talk while you run.

Collaborate with another OnlyFans content creator

Collaboration works pretty much the same way as it does on any other social media platform. It is an excellent way to grow both accounts. Users love collaborations because they feel fresh and engaging.

Collaborate with another OnlyFans content creator

If you are collaborating with someone who creates content similar to yours, there is a good chance that their fans will like your content as well. If you collaborate with a creator whose content is different than yours, it gives both your audiences a chance to look at something new. And since it is coming from a trusted source whose content they already like, they might just go ahead and follow them. 

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