Best Ways to Run with your phone


Use an arm strap

One of the most common ways to run with your phone is by purchasing an arm strap to carry your phone. There are a variety of models and colors available. You can opt for a thin, lightweight sleeve or a bulkier, more protective strap. One of the only downsides is that you may begin to nice that weight on your arm on longer runs. It may also not be the best option if you are running in bad weather.

Written by George Cervantes
4 months ago

Wear a Hoodie or Pair of Pants with Zipped Pockets

If you are heading out for a quick run and want to keep your phone with you to listen to music, wear a hoodie that has zipped pockets. Zipped pockets can keep your phone safe and can also allow you to listen to music if you are using earphones that has a cable connector. Leave a cm of the zip unzipped to let the wire stay out if you have to listen to music or talk while you run.

Written by Lacey Mcdonald
3 months ago

Invest in a running vest

If you’re a running aficionado, you may want to consider investing a running vest. While they are very pricey, it is a great tool you can use for recreational runs, long distance running and marathons. There are a variety of options, including lightweight models that won’t weigh you down while running. If you’re not a devoted runner, you can skip this piece and buy something a little cheaper. However, this is something to consider if you will be getting a lot of use out of it.

Written by Clarence Hunt
7 months ago

Get a Ring Cover for Your Phone

To hold the phone in your hands while you’re running because you want to watch videos or scroll through Facebook, get a ring cover for your phone. Wear the ring on a finger and hold the phone tightly. This way, even if the phone slips from your hand or the grip is loosened, the phone won’t fall.

Written by Louis Kelley
2 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Run with Your Phone?

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