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Family Dinner

A family dinner can be the perfect place to propose with your family around you. You also have the choice to let the family know before proposing or surprise them too. If your family gets along really well and you like to have dinner together, ask everyone to join you for the dinner. You can also host a dinner on someone’s birthday or a special day so that your partner has no clue about it. Light some candles and add some fresh flowers to the table and make it look amazing. Just when everyone is relaxed and happy, ask someone to start recording and propose. 

Family Dinner

Make a Realistic Food Budget

You cannot go to spending $100 a week when you had been spending $200 a week in the past month. To lower the amount, you spend a week on the food you have to take your time. Realistically, you should start small, maybe spend 80% of what you spent before. You can start skipping things that won’t make a lot of difference. Or you can skip foods that are unhealthy. Skipping a few snacks and some meat won’t make a huge difference but they can effectually reduce the expenses.

Make a Realistic Food Budget

Pick a state law to govern the contract

If all the parties in the contract are from different states, then you should choose only one of your state's laws to avoid sticky legal wrangling later. Also, you should include where you will arbitrate, mediate, or bring legal actions under contract. This way, it will be easier to solve any disputes.

Let it Sink In

A lot of people don't realize that being surprised is a natural response to others finding out your sexuality. If a close friend or family member is surprised by your sexuality, it does necessarily mean that they're disappointed. You're breaking major news to them, and it'll take them a bit of time to accept the news. Give them the room to understand the situation and to let it sink in.

Use a Make-up Brush, Pencil, or Tail Comb

Touching your curly hair too much can ruin the curls and make them frizzy. The best way to part curly hair is to use the back of a thin make-up brush, tail comb, or pencil. With the pointed side go straight into your hair and then gently pull the hair to the side. Avoid touching the hair with your hand. Use your hands only if you have to detangle hair.


Crossfit is a great way to work your body, but it has a super unexpected consequence - it may make your hands blister and rip. If that sounds unappealing to you, you can try to keep your hands moisturized as much as possible.

Ripping comes from calluses, and calluses come from working your hands hard. The area becomes hard and dry, making your skin more brittle, making it rip. Make sure your hands are moisturized throughout the day (though it's not recommended you lather up right before your workout) to mitigate the chance of calluses. Keeping your hands moisturized also leaves them more supple and elastic, further reducing the chances of your hands ripping.

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