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To Lake Tanglewood with a stop for something to eat

Ok!, Going from Eureka to Lake Tanglewood make sure to first of all pay a visit to Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Ft. Worth S for a pause. Next stop by Revel Manor for a small treat! Third make a stop at Badland's BBQ & Deli for a some food! Lastly visit United Supermarkets for picking up a few things!

Americas Best Value Inn & Suites Ft. Worth S
6504 South Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76134
Revel Manor
700 Cherry Street, Graham, TX 76450
Badland's BBQ & Deli
East Dimmitt Street, Benjamin, TX 79505
United Supermarkets
2900 Wilbarger Street, Vernon, TX 76384
Lake Tanglewood
The best route to Lake Tanglewood from Eureka

The best route to Mathis

Going to Mathis from Sachse make sure to stop at Gift Shop for some hit and run shopping.

TX 75048
Church of the Open Door
900 North Loop 340, Bellmead, TX 76705
Gift Shop
20250 FM 619 Road, Lee County, TX
The best route to Mathis from Sachse

From Oak Grove to Seneca with a stop for some sporting

Driving to Seneca from Oak Grove make sure to first hit Line Creek Community Center and Ice Arena for a leg stretcher and some pulse. Next stop at Legends Outlets Kansas City for shopping! Finally visit 3 Flowers Metaphysical Treasures for getting yourself some small treats :-).

Let me know what you think.

Oak Grove
MO 64075
Line Creek Community Center and Ice Arena
5940 Northwest Waukomis Drive, Kansas City, MO 64151
Legends Outlets Kansas City
1843 Prairie Crossing, Kansas City, KS 66111-1953
3 Flowers Metaphysical Treasures
733 South Kansas Avenue, Topeka, KS 66603-3758
The best route to Seneca from Oak Grove

Going to Coachella with some a place worth some time added

When going to Coachella from Minersville I suggest first of all look in on Petrified Sand Dunes, it is great. Next visit Ben & Jerry's for some yummy ice cream!

UT 84752
Petrified Sand Dunes
Petrified Dunes Trail, Washington County, UT
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses
601 Arrowhead Trail, Henderson, NV 89015
Ben & Jerry's
Village Walk Drive, Henderson, NV 89074
CA 92236
The best route to Coachella from Minersville

All the way to Senatobia

When going to Senatobia from Barlow this is my preferred way.

Jeri-lin Donuts
North 10th Street, Blytheville, AR 72315
Jeri-lin Donuts
North 10th Street, Blytheville, AR 72315
9084 State Route 88 Pool
9084 State Route 88, Maury City, TN 38040
Timber Creek Drive, Memphis, TN 38018
MS 38668
The best route to Senatobia from Barlow

These were my stops going to Prairieville

When driving from South Bristol to Prairieville this is a good way.

South Bristol
Dresden Kinsmen Community Pool
Tecumseh Street, Dresden, ON N0P 1M0
The best route to Prairieville from South Bristol

I suggest this!

If going to Easton from Boones Mill first of all stop by Tavern on the James for a some food! Then stop at 25–30 Espresso for something handy to eat.


Boones Mill
Tavern on the James
West Main Street, Scottsville, VA 24590
25–30 Espresso
Princess Anne Street, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
MD 21601
The best route to Easton from Boones Mill

From Sunset to Sulphur Springs with some some training added

When going from Sunset to Sulphur Springs I suggest you first look in on Robbers Cave Stables. It's great. After that make a stop at Allen Historical Society. It's a nice stop! Then stop by Fort Gibson Dam Overlook. It's a nice stop.

Robbers Cave Stables
Robbers Cave Stables, OK
Allen Historical Society
East Broadway Street, Allen, OK 74825
Fort Gibson Dam Overlook
OK 251A, Okay, OK 74446
Sulphur Springs
The best route to Sulphur Springs from Sunset

Pick a state law to govern the contract

If all the parties in the contract are from different states, then you should choose only one of your state's laws to avoid sticky legal wrangling later. Also, you should include where you will arbitrate, mediate, or bring legal actions under contract. This way, it will be easier to solve any disputes.

A good trip to Cerritos

If driving to Cerritos from Glendale first stop by Jack in the Box for a great lunch! Next look in on Desert Willow Ranch. It's a nice stop.

Jack in the Box
Diamond Bar Boulevard, Diamond Bar, CA 91765
Desert Willow Ranch
Pioneertown Road, Pioneertown, CA 92284
The best route to Cerritos from Glendale

These were my stops going to St. Henry

Driving from East Manchester Township to St. Henry this is a good way: first stop by Walmart Supercenter for getting yourself some small treats :-)! After that stop by North Hill Historic District. It is a great stop.

East Manchester Township
East Manchester Township, PA
Walmart Supercenter
150 Town Centre Drive, Richland Township, PA 15904
North Hill Historic District
Brettell Avenue, Mingo Junction, OH 43938
Tesla Supercharger
Scott Lane, Gambier, OH 43022
St. Henry
The best route to St. Henry from East Manchester Township

Why not this trip?

While going to Gervais from Seneca I suggest you first visit Safeway for shopping! Finally make a stop at Gold Butte Lookout. I liked it.

OR 97873
North Arrowleaf Trail, Sisters, OR 97759
80 Northeast Cedar Street, Madras, OR 97741
Gold Butte Lookout
National Forest Development Road 4697, Marion County, OR
OR 97026
The best route to Gervais from Seneca

Let it Sink In

A lot of people don't realize that being surprised is a natural response to others finding out your sexuality. If a close friend or family member is surprised by your sexuality, it does necessarily mean that they're disappointed. You're breaking major news to them, and it'll take them a bit of time to accept the news. Give them the room to understand the situation and to let it sink in.

From Valeria to Huntersville with some a place worth some time added

Ok!, Driving from Valeria to Huntersville make sure to first visit Lake Mills Veterans Memorial/ Freedom Rock for a leg stretcher with extras :). Next hit Paramount Gallery & Gifts for great shopping!

Simple and sweet.

Lake Mills Veterans Memorial/ Freedom Rock
North Mill Street, Lake Mills, IA 50450
Paramount Gallery & Gifts
901 West Saint Germain Street, Saint Cloud, MN 56301
The best route to Huntersville from Valeria

My stops going to Simla

Ok!, Driving to Simla from Parkerfield make sure to make a stop at Community Cafe for a caffeine boost.

Community Cafe
Bell Street, Utica, KS 67584
The best route to Simla from Parkerfield

A nicer trip to Brockport

Driving to Brockport from Kalamo I suggest stop by McDonald's for a some tasty food!

Vote up if you like it.

Green Street, New Baltimore, MI 48047
Oxford County - Ingersoll
King Street West, Ingersoll, ON N5C 2J2
The best route to Brockport from Kalamo

My stops to Bradshaw from Cimarron City

Last time I drove to Bradshaw this was the route.

Cimarron City
Titan II Launch Facility 532-3
West Ray Road, Sumner County, KS 67031
McPherson County Courthouse
117 North Maple Street, McPherson, KS 67460
Sharp Performance Health & Fitness
117 West 6th Street, Concordia, KS 66901
NE 68319
The best route to Bradshaw from Cimarron City

To Pierce City from Ashland

Ok!, Going to Pierce City from Ashland make sure to first visit Super 1 Foods for great shopping. Finally stop by Russellville City Mall for picking up a few things!

LA 71002
Super 1 Foods
909 North Hervey Street, Hope, AR 71801
Russellville City Mall
407 North Arkansas Avenue, Russellville, AR 72801
Pierce City
The best route to Pierce City from Ashland


Crossfit is a great way to work your body, but it has a super unexpected consequence - it may make your hands blister and rip. If that sounds unappealing to you, you can try to keep your hands moisturized as much as possible.

Ripping comes from calluses, and calluses come from working your hands hard. The area becomes hard and dry, making your skin more brittle, making it rip. Make sure your hands are moisturized throughout the day (though it's not recommended you lather up right before your workout) to mitigate the chance of calluses. Keeping your hands moisturized also leaves them more supple and elastic, further reducing the chances of your hands ripping.

Family Dinner

A family dinner can be the perfect place to propose with your family around you. You also have the choice to let the family know before proposing or surprise them too. If your family gets along really well and you like to have dinner together, ask everyone to join you for the dinner. You can also host a dinner on someone’s birthday or a special day so that your partner has no clue about it. Light some candles and add some fresh flowers to the table and make it look amazing. Just when everyone is relaxed and happy, ask someone to start recording and propose. 

Family Dinner

Use a Make-up Brush, Pencil, or Tail Comb

Touching your curly hair too much can ruin the curls and make them frizzy. The best way to part curly hair is to use the back of a thin make-up brush, tail comb, or pencil. With the pointed side go straight into your hair and then gently pull the hair to the side. Avoid touching the hair with your hand. Use your hands only if you have to detangle hair.

Make a Realistic Food Budget

You cannot go to spending $100 a week when you had been spending $200 a week in the past month. To lower the amount, you spend a week on the food you have to take your time. Realistically, you should start small, maybe spend 80% of what you spent before. You can start skipping things that won’t make a lot of difference. Or you can skip foods that are unhealthy. Skipping a few snacks and some meat won’t make a huge difference but they can effectually reduce the expenses.

Make a Realistic Food Budget

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