Best Ways to Unblock nose


Saline spray

Saline is a saltwater solution that can provide moisture inside the nostrils. It helps reduce inflammation by thinning out the mucus that’s jammed inside your nasal passages. The reduction in inflammation results in unloading of fluids from your nose.

Several saline sprays in the market come with decongestant medication, but consult your doctor before you start using these. They could worsen your congestion when used for more than 2-3 days and potentially cause side effects upon interacting with other medications. 

Written by Samantha Mccarthy
4 years ago

Hop into the shower

Ever noticed how your blocked nose is able to breathe normally after a hot shower? That’s because the inflammation reduces and the mucus thins out when the hot steam goes in through your nose.

While it’s not possible for you to shower throughout the day, there are other ways to have steam enter your nose.

Stand in front of your bathroom sink and turn on the hot water. When the water is hot enough, cover your head with a towel and hover your head above the sink. Let the steam accumulate, and begin to draw deep breaths.

Word of caution: Make sure you don’t burn your face, keep a safe distance.

Written by Jeffrey Green
1 year ago

Hot drinks help

Just like water and steam help ease a blocked nose, it won’t be a surprise knowing hot drinks do too. They relieve pressure from your nose to help you breathe easier. Moreover, if there are symptoms of cold and flu as well, a hot drink will do it.

To help these up, it’s a good idea to swap your normal tea with some peppermint tea as it contains menthol. Menthol breaks down mucus and helps unblock your nose.

Written by Crystal Allen
6 months ago

Saline sprays

Saline is a saltwater solution. A nasal saline spray helps increase the level of moisture in your nostrils which helps thin out the mucus in your nasal passages. It also helps reduce the inflammation of the blood vessels and empty the fluids from your nose.

Note that some saline sprays can include decongestant medication, and you should seek your doctor’s advice before using them. If you use those medicated saline sprays for more than 3 days, they can worsen your nasal congestion. They could also potentially cause side effects if taken with other medications. 

Written by Julie Walsh
3 weeks ago

Sleeping position

Sleeping with a blocked nose can be quite challenging sometimes. A blocked nose affects your ability to sleep so to help you sleep what you need to do is to change your sleeping position.

Laying down flat makes mucus to build up that helps to completely block your nose and disturb sleep. Therefore, to get maximum comfort and rest in these times, it is best to lay down straight back while keeping your head higher than the rest of the body by using an extra pillow or two.Sleeping position

Written by Dan Taylor
9 months ago

Hot showers

You have probably already experienced how you could breathe a lot easier after a hot shower than before if you have a clogged nose. The reason this happens is that the steam from the hot water thins out the mucus and reduces inflammation. Although a hot shower provides only temporary relief, it’s a refreshing way to get rid of that stuffy nose.

Written by Deborah Jensen
1 month ago

A warm compress

A warm compress helps open the nasal passages from the outside. For making a warm compress, dip a towel in warm water. Squeeze out the water from the towel, and fold it so it can be properly placed over your forehead. The warmth from a warm compress can ease your pain, and reduce the inflammation in your nostrils, thereby unclogging your clogged nose.

Written by Earl Griffin
1 week ago

Focus On Your Diet

You might not give any attention to your food and drink during such conditions but it does have a great impact. Some things make the condition worse, while others help solve the problem.

Keep in your mind to avoid caffeine as it dehydrates you. I would suggest you avoid all milk-based products as they thicken the mucus and making the condition worse. While things that will aid in unblocking the nose are mostly warm soup, spicy, and citrus.

Written by Faye Cummings
11 months ago


Taking an antihistamine controls the inflammation in your nasal passages, thereby unclogging your nose. Practice caution before taking antihistamines, though. If you don’t follow the instructions accurately, it might worsen your condition.

Also, it’s best not to drive or plan any productive tasks after taking an antihistamine because they tend to make your drowsy. 

Written by Gerardo Frazier
4 months ago

Do you know the BEST WAY TO Unblock Nose?

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