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Fix Toilet Leaks

An old toilet may start leaking on its own after a while. To check for toilet leaks put some color in the water tank. If you can notice color inside the toilet without flushing, it means your toilet tank leaks. Get it fixed to conserve water and save up on your water bill.

Try a chemical exfoliator

Many people use chemical exfoliators on their body as a less abrasive alternative to physical for removing dead skin and giving you smooth, supple legs. Try an AHA, such as lactic acid, with a low percentage to start, any higher and you risk doing damage and irritating the skin. Also only try this once every two days or so to start, again to avoid irritating the skin too much. Once your skin becomes used to it, then you can start doing it more often.

As with any new skincare routine, be gentle and patient with your skin. Chemical exfoliators, when used correctly, can be great for your skin and far less damaging than using a scrub. Use them wrong, however, and you can be left with raw, itchy, irritated, flaky skin.

Snuggle or Cuddle

Oxytocin is the love-drug or love hormone because it is connected to feeling loved. It helps us feel pleasured and romantic. To increase the flow of oxytocin, cuddle or hug your partner. Snuggle in bed and watch a romantic movie. Touch can help your body lower stress and raise oxytocin levels. Whenever you and your partner are together, make sure that you cling on to each other to boost your oxytocin. 

Snuggle or Cuddle

Certificates of deposit

Certificates of deposit or CDs are the safest compound interest method. CDs are issued by banks and offer higher interest than savings. They have federally insured time deposits and they pay you at regular intervals. You get both the principal and interest amount when they mature so if you don’t need your income right away, this is a good alternative.


When you hear your newborn make any sound, try and repeat it and continue talking and interacting with him. This one-on-one interaction will help him build linguistic skills and a positive bond with you.


Once you’ve responded to your child’s coos, wait and let him respond to you. This will help him learn how conversations work. Use baby-talk generously and repeat his name often.

Sheriff Mod

Another really popular Among Us Mod is the Sheriff Mod. It really spices things up by giving the crewmates a defense mechanism against the imposter. You're no longer free food for the imposter. You have a sheriff who can fight back. The sheriff in the game has the same kill button as the imposter and can kill him if he gets close enough. However, if the player turns out to be a crewmate, the sheriff dies, and the crewmates are now short two people. It adds a pretty interesting dynamic to the game and definitely takes out the repetitiveness that people have started to experience with Among Us.

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