Best Ways to Stimulate a newborn



When you hear your newborn make any sound, try and repeat it and continue talking and interacting with him. This one-on-one interaction will help him build linguistic skills and a positive bond with you.


Once you’ve responded to your child’s coos, wait and let him respond to you. This will help him learn how conversations work. Use baby-talk generously and repeat his name often.

Written by Maribel Russell
1 week ago

Do regular things with the baby

It doesn’t take much to stimulate a newborn’s senses and brain because most things in the world are new to her. If you’re reading the newspaper, read it out loud to her. If you’re spending a lazy Sunday just going around the house, take your newborn along.

Touching the household objects, smelling the food being cooked in the kitchen, and the sound of birds chirping – are all excellent stimulants for a newborn.

Do regular things with the baby

Written by Juan Sawyer
1 week ago
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