Best Ways to Do push ups


Less is More

Push-ups are not as easy as they may look. Trained professionals can easily do several reps and sets without any problem but as a beginner, it might be hard for you. Make a goal to do 10 or 20 push-ups a day and slowly build strength. Doing too many pushups at once when your body is not accustomed to the kind of activity can make your muscles sore and the recovery periods can take 2-3 days. Be consistent and calm when you are just beginning. 

Written by Amy Morrison
6 months ago


You won’t e able to see the results of push-ups on day#1 but you’ll definitely see your triceps, chest, and shoulders coming into shape after 30 days. Consistency is the key when you start pushups. You may feel too energized to do thrice your regular one day and go on for a few days in a row doing nothing. If you want to see improvement, you need to do push-ups regularly.Results

Written by Maxwell Hudson
4 months ago

Ladies Push up

Push-ups can be very hard especially if you are a beginner. Get on all four and straighten your back, try to do a regular push up. If the regular push-up seems hard, touch your knees to the ground and keep the arms and back straight. Lower your body and see if you can comfortably do push-ups now. Touching knees on the ground reduces the weight on your hands and this makes push up easier.

Written by Stan White
3 months ago

Regular Push Up

To do a regular push-up, get in a tabletop position and bend your toes while making the back and legs straight. Put your hands shoulder-width apart and start to bend your elbows and lower your torso. This exercise helps work the muscles of your chest, arms, and core. 

Regular Push Up

Written by Sheryl Gray
6 months ago

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