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Under running water

If you forgot to thaw the ground beef the night before, you can thaw it quickly under running water.

Place your ground beef, still in its sealed container, (plastic wrap is ideal because it's airtight but still allows the water to get close as possible to the beef, as opposed to say, a Tupperware container) in your sink. Turn on the faucet and let it run lukewarm (cold will be too slow, hot will cook the meat) water over the beef. Both the temperature of the water and the pressure from the faucet will give you perfectly thawed meat as quick as possible.

Use hair dye

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution for your stubborn grey hairs, you can try dyeing your hair to cover them up. It will last longer than other temporary methods so that you don’t have to worry about it constantly. You can choose to dye your hair at home, but I recommend having a salon professional take care of it. Box dye can be extremely damaging for your hair. Make sure you take care of colored hair appropriately.


The cast iron can be cleaned effectively with electrolysis. You’ll have to head to a hardware store to get the tools you need or you’ll have to get it done by a professional. Look for a local repair shop that offers such services. Getting an old cast iron pan cleaned properly will make the pan as good as new.

Getting the Proper Help

The best way to overcome an addiction is to seek the proper help. Once you've detoxed and gotten rid of the addiction on its own. It's important to get the right help to lead a better life. Detoxification seems like the toughest job, but the toughest job is actually to avoid relapse. There are lots of places you could get help. Alcoholics Anonymous, behavioral counseling, family therapy, etc. are a great way to keep extending your clean days.

A hint of salt and garlic

Here’s something that will make your mouth water. Add some butter, parmesan cheese, peas, cinnamon, and brown sugar. These are easy stir-ins. Also, put some toasted sesame seeds into your plain white rice for added flavor. Don’t forget to add a hint of salt and some onion and garlic. It will immediately turn into something entirely different. A great family time at the dinner table is guaranteed.

Deer Scent

Deer can smell 500-1000 times better than humans. Deer may not know you are near, but as soon as the wind starts blowing their way, they smell you and run away. Every hunter has been there!

To avoid this especially on a windy day, to mask the human smell and attract the deer, use rutting buck scent or liquid doe urine. This gives them a sense of territory because they think a deer has been here recently or the place is visited by deer and is safe.

Deer Scent

Focus on your interests

Choosing a career is an important decision in everyone’s life. There are a variety of choices within each industry. All of these can be overwhelming if you don’t know where you want to be working. To figure this out, think about what your interests are. If you hate cooking, you shouldn’t be considering a career in the culinary field. Work should be an extension of your interests. If you are working on something you are actually invested in, your career will be extremely fulfilling.

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