Best Ways to Wash towels


Avoid Using Fabric Softeners

Fabric softeners contain silicon which makes fabrics water-resistant and this reduces the towel’s water absorbency. The chemicals also damage the fibers of the towels and make them brittle over time. Dip the towels in vinegar water instead of softener and rinse once again with water if you want them to stay naturally soft and germs-free.

Written by Georgia Whitaker
10 months ago

Throw a Tennis Ball or Dryer Ball in Washing Machine

To keep the towels soft and fluffy, toss in an unused tennis ball or a dryer ball in the washing machine when washing your towels. The rotatory and upward motion of the washer will make the ball hit the towels again and again. This hitting will fluff the towels, get rid of wrinkles and reduce the drying time. 

Throw a Tennis Ball or Dryer Ball in Washing Machine

Written by Amos Cole
1 week ago

Wash only towels in one cycle

Washing too many clothes at once will strain the washing machine and it can also decrease the quality of the wash. To allow the towels to get thoroughly cleaned you should wash towels together and leave enough room for them so they absorb water, and stay fluffy. Overloading the washing machine when washing the towels can make them matted and stiff. 

Wash only towels in one cycle

Written by Seth Benson
1 year ago

Use Warm Water

The detergent dissolves easily in warm water and the warm water also helps remove the buildup on towels. Start the washer’s cycle and add the detergent in warm water. Wait for a minute or two to let the detergent mix, then put towels in the washer. This method should help get rid of the buildup and stench in towels.

Written by Louis Allen
9 months ago

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